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07-15-2007, 07:47 PM


07-15-2007, 07:53 PM
Thats Davampage,
Bang It Til Ya Fuckin Amp Is Damaged,
Ear Drums Old And Flat Then Pass It To Ya Grandkids,
Tearin Up Ya Muscles When The Drums Come In,
Breakin Down Houses Start Restructurin',
Dutches Spin,
Rotatin' Daily Like The Earth Does,
Lust To Burn Buds,
But Hip Hop's My First Love,
We Aint Gettin Divorced,
Cant Be Settled In Courts,
Im Makin Music Til Im Dead In A Mort-uary,
Or Cremated Burnin' Like A Haze Roach Thats Cherried,
More Land To Grow Herb Less Bones Are Buried,
Out Of Sight In Of Mind,
Written Blind I Aint Gettin Signed,
Eventhough Im Reachin My Artistic Prime,
Hardest Prodix Blast It When U Sparkin Trollis,
Strong Narcotics Got U Buggin When U Mix It Wit These Dark Harmonics,
Should Be Common Knowledge Son We Only Droppin Solids,
So If U Tired Of That Soft Shit Then Holllonnus,
Broken Silence- Vibration Crackin Shatterproof Glass,
One Beat Is Leavin Half Ya Crew Smashed,
Yall Are Absolute Trash,
Junk Yard Vanity Mark,
Tryna Flip And Get Nice Like Danehy Park,
Its Just No Way,
You Aint Rippin Son,
I Spit A Thousand Bars Way Before I Could Drink In One,
Now Im Older N I Got A New Curriculum,
Insteada Writin Papers Man Im Tryna Start Gettin Some,
Cuz Nowadays Its Survival Of The Richest,
Enforced Greed N Hate Thats What My Rhymes Are So Malicious,
Offense Mechanism,
Definition Undeclared,
People Runnin Scared,
From The Lightenin Kick And Thunder Snare,
Come Prepared If You Eager To War,
But You'll Never Win Ya Only Hopes To Even The Score,
We The Seeds Of The Core,
Grown From The Original,
Hungry Cats Down To Keep Huntin' Til Our Fridge Is Full,
Based On Principle,
Every Single Word Is Vicious,
I Been Invincible Since I Started Burnin Bridges,
Isolated From Societal Norm,
Like The Rebels Of The World Who'd Rather Die Than Conform...

07-15-2007, 08:21 PM
Man this beat is insane. You need to get some other artists on this for some verses. Your ish is solid Vamp. Mix is good beat rugged and flow smooth. But yeah I think you should get a back and forth vibe going with some other dudes on this track its that good.

07-15-2007, 08:27 PM
wordup i hear you. this is that kinda anthem RASH on em beat. im definitely makin a compilation album produced entirely by me wit mad heads i know rippin on it..be on the lookout ima be releasin alotta shit these days. PEACE

07-15-2007, 11:10 PM
dope beat, and your flow remind me of vinnie paz.
very good track