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07-15-2007, 11:48 PM
Digital algarhythm lyrical expertise
Vietnamese transport the spit through telephone lines/
Now were speaking of conversation cancerous creating
Stories depicted in the ghetto everyday/
Now were struggle hustler tussle wit foes
Flowing off of trees, chronic and haze alone/
We clone blow smoke through Dutchís and other cigars
Gimme beats so I can speak on it like computer chips/
Vigor ripped diamond crust piss on the concrete
Now niggaz meet for the first time either at school or the funeral home/
Blow barnacles armed articles wit words carnival making it marvel
Challenge the forces of evil escort them through dusk til dawn/
Armed marine scam a scheme femme fatale rapid liquidation
Came through chimneyís skimming the beats like rice crispy treats/
Skip a beat run bionic tectonic plate war machine iron man came calm
Touch palms kung fu flicks erythematic lyrics I kick/
Spit punches wit words packing it in like lunches
I wonder what these hunches mean wit skills thatís a dream/
Attempting to become El presidente you ainít representing ďtheyĒ
Youíre fish filet fried on the pan with flower hour glass metal hand/
Han campaign drama maintain scam the cane cookie rookie
Fuck those wanna be emcees Iím Magneto wit words and a credo/
I feed cha mind to my mental crevasse flow psycho kinetic wit lines
So sick youíll need ten paramedics and multiple specialist to repair you/
You best prepare boo from the idol threats to defecating reps I prep wit
Dedicating sets I recharge and debug all the garbage and shrubs/
Coming wit love unparallel wit flows and rhymes I excel
I donít need Microsoft to close the deal give me the steal/
And Iíll begin to weld so if you choose to yield to the my saber
Iíll leave ya sword in the chamber best prepared for danger/

I got doobie ways
Wit skills that pays
Now you got skills
That holds their weight
Coming wit faith in fate
I got doobie ways
Wit skills that pays

07-16-2007, 01:09 PM
yo nice work lord-