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“We never judge a man strength by his team, we judge a man strength by who he go to war with.” -Panchi; “Strength”- circa 2002 What ever happened to the Struggle? As the late Notorious B.I.G. once stated: “Living everyday like a hustle?” With all the splurging and bling-blinging taking place throughout Hip-Hop, it seems most of Hip-Hop has lost track of the hard times that plague society in general. While many rappers will find cause to celebrate, New York City’s NYGz will find cause to reiterate. A product conceived by the rough upbringings of Hip-Hop’s birthplace, The Bronx, both Panchi Ochoa and Shabeeno represent the essence that embodies New York’s state of mind. The two met on the asphalt of the West Bronx on 183rd St. in the 80’s and have been inseparable cohorts since. Influenced by the prolific lyrics of Rakim and the urban stylings of Thomas Cross, Shabeeno was the first of the two to tamper with the sport called Rhyming. As time went on, Panchi soon followed suit when he witnessed his partner progress from mid-level aspirations to flame throwin’ Emcee. Seeing the possibilities, Panchi, who’s gruff voice already set him apart from anyone in the game, picked up the pen and let off. The Foundation: Before the legendary duo Gang Starr met success, an unknown DJ named Premier was living on the same Ave as both Panchi and Shabeeno. The influential beat-maker, and later founding member of Gang Starr, would befriend Panchi. For the next few years, both Shabeeno and Panchi rolled as members of the Gang Starr Foundation. In due time the two would pop up on Gang Starr related projects. The world first got a taste of Panchi’s potential on OC’s 1997 sophomore release, Jewels, when he provided the humorous “Battle skit” for the song, “Win The G” featuring Bumpy Knuckles. Unfortunately, a warrant looming from a case out of state would put a hold on NYGz musical endeavors. Panchi was forced to serve 5 Years in Federal Prison. As his partner did his time, Shiggy Sha kept the duo’s hopes alive appearing on a slew of releases such as Guru Presents: ILL KID and most notably on “The Mall”, which also featured an as yet unsigned G-Dep, off Gangstarr’s classic opus, Moment Of Truth. Even while incarcerated, a motivated Panchi provided the touching skit for “Betrayal” featuring Scarface. Realizing the chemistry and dedication between the two, DJ Premier decided to make NYGz his focus upon Panchi’s release in 2000. “Nowadays, family and crew is more important.” says DJ Premier, the album’s Executive Producer. “I’ve got loyal cats on my team. We roll with a struggling mentality, that’s way we’re humbled by the success that we all have as a crew.” That loyalty paid-off in 2003, when DJ Premier executive produced the groups debut album Pros & Cons on his independent label, Year Round Inc. “We want the album to be like a book.” says Panchi. “We want you to press play and let it roll.” The Struggle continues…

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Damn thats hard to read. Paragraphs man, paragraphs.

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I didn't read that, but I must say I've been a fan since I got into GangStarr.

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Damn thats hard to read. Paragraphs man, paragraphs.