View Full Version : Old school rumor... "Self Destruction"

07-21-2007, 04:43 PM
Read this, thought it was intresting...

Yesterday, watching “Self Destruction,” reminded me of an old rumor that I heard back in the day. That song featured a “who’s who” of the New York rap scene. Almost everybody was on there – from Kool Moe Dee to PE to BDP to MC Lyte and Just Ice. Wellllll…

LL Cool J was one person that I heard was invited to be on the song and in the video. So, the story goes to say that LL attempted to do the right thing, but the brass at Def Jam shut him down. This was around the time Walking With A Panther came out (1989).

I guess they felt positivity was a bad thing for Mr. Bad. They let his label mates, Public Enemy on there, but they were already positive.