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07-24-2007, 04:07 AM
yo here is a sofar ck list Im workin till december to drop, sooner if posseeble of couse, yo some trackz are in the make an others Still needz to be written ,an other 1's are don ,also the beatz are still twistin an if ya got somt. I shud hear send it ,titlez and namez may chainge,
to My peoplez names on it I let ya know when da jointz are comin yall and if ya feel to do more or not feelin some shh lemme know ! aight here it is so far:

DoubleSagaPack presented by Mysteronz

Album 1

Art of GraveyardPoetry

+-30 trackz

track 1 Intro snippet
track 2 Art of Graveyardpoetry (feat.??)
track 3 Ninja Gaidens (ol'style)
track 4 Enter da Cemetary (feat.??)
track 5 Words from the Grave (feat.??)
track 6 I don't bite Lyricz (feat.Ern(Warfare)Dawgy and White Lotus and da Pharaoz)
track 7 Deep in the Tomb corpses stacked up!!! (feat.da Pharaoz)
track 8 Jesus Christ superstarz (feat.??)
track 9 he Graveface they say you krazy (feat.??)
trqck 10 Drain Attack (feat.??)
track 11 Swinging Tigers by the tail(feat.??)
track 12 GhostHorrorPiratesMusic (remix feat.Azreal aka Goth Thug and Last Change)
track 13 Door 13 (feat.Ghost Disciple,prod.by Ghost Disciple)
track 14 SecretGhostBoogie (feat.??)
track 15 Haunted Planetz (feat.Ghost Disciple,prod.by Ghost Disciple)
track 16 The 9 Devils (feat.Ern Dawgy of Morbid Society prod.by Ern Dawgy)
track 17 Heatherz 2006 (feat.Ern Dawgy and White Lotus of White Lotus Society)
track 18 Gardenz of Holocaust (feat.Skellington and Ghost Disciple)
track 19 Melancholy (feat. Ern Dawgy and WolfStar,prod.by ISE)
track 20 OOhoHOO (feat.da Pharaoz,ERN Dawgy)
track 21 I'll be...( feat.??)
track 22 You got the right to be disgusted (feat.??)
track 23 Tommygun Assassins (feat.??)
track 24 Da Underground (feat.??)
track 25 Ninja and Samurai in the Graveyard (part 1)
track 26 Fuck Goverment'z (feat. ? and Ern Dawgy,prod.by I.S.E)
track 27 Bonez from da Dome (feat. White Lotus and Ern Dawgy,prod.by I.S.E)
track 28 Zombi Basement ( feat. Ern Warfare)
track 29 Starlight
track 30 Street Music (feat. Ern Dawgy)
track 31 Planetary Murder Rap (feAt.??)
track 32 Zombi basement (feat. Ern Dawgy)
track 33 Smilez under ya Mouth ( feat. Ern Dawgy and da Pharoaz,prod.by I.S.E)
track 34 UHHU rap (feat. ErnDawgy Wolfstar and mrVolcano ,prod.by I.S.E
track 35 Outro

Album 2

Art of Samurai/Ninja kung fu poetry

+-30 trackz

Intro Basilisk (japanese)
Art of Ninja slash Samuraipoetry (feat.??)
Turantula Creep create Miracle rhymez (feat.??)
Black Tiger Kung Fu (feat. the Pharaoz,??)
Tai Chi (feat.100ProoF and Maximus the Mantis,prod.by LordBeatjitsu)
Ninja and Samurai in the Graveyard (part 2)
Chaoz ( feat.Ern Dawgy,100Proof and Maximus the Mantis,prod.by??)
skit Basilisk (japanese)
da Script (feat. Hollocausto,prod.by Iron Curtan)
StreetFighterAlpha (feat. Ern Dawgy??)
Ninja and Samurai in the Graveyard (part 3)
Revengefull Soul ( feat. Ern Dawg Warfare and da Pharaoz,prod.by Ern Dawgy)
Medicin Leavez (feat.?)
skit Basilisk (japanese)
Ninja by night Samurai by daylight the lone Ronin (feat.??)
Flexible poetry Acrobatic tecknicz(feat.??)
Ninja Gaidenz (remix feat.??)
Sword Chaoz Joy (feat.??)
KungFu Poetry (feat.??)
Da local Martial Artz club (feat.??)
skit Basilisk (japanese)
Ninja Vision (feat.??)
Contieous Interfere (feat.??)
MindControle within a second (feat.??)
How about shuriken Stars in ya face (feat.??)
Sword Style (feat Ern Dawgy + shout outs)
Outro Basilisk (japanese)

lets Create ,PEACEEEEE

07-24-2007, 09:41 AM
what!!!??? dont talk sjitzkebab of cause da intro jointz gonna be produced by your grimey sounds hehe yo gotta cople of beats picked now and I told you a long time ago bout da remake with lots of our peoplez yo anywayz I need some nu beats and I know you been bizy kuz you couldnt even answer da fone dayz ago yo so bring your ass to my crib basterd yo ayaay PEACE

07-24-2007, 01:56 PM
im down to spit a verse..when i find time

07-24-2007, 04:35 PM
PEACE Proof no doubt tere s a spott for you king yo Ima get at you soon G PEACE

07-25-2007, 11:54 AM
yo PEACE?? out there?

Pharaoh Snefru
07-25-2007, 03:37 PM
I'm all for this G
you know what to do
I got them shits you sent this way
be back



08-02-2007, 05:41 PM
60 Tracks? Wow. Should be interesting.

08-02-2007, 07:09 PM
cool man, this should be dope, and if you would like to do a track with me (for the album or just whatever) than pm me.