View Full Version : Plastic Cross by. Wyze Waze Allah

Wyze Waze Allah
07-24-2007, 03:55 PM
A makeshift manger begins the life of a stranger/
Who knew that baby blue would cause so much danger/
Appears holy but souly, he only hides in his anger/
He makes u believe in him, falsy, da spiritual strangler/
U will never see him, don't expect yall to become warm/
Only kno of hum with national disasters murders and storms/
Though u can see him, in the eyes of the asylum patients/
They were once his kids, but for them he lost his patience/
He was said to have a son who died on a cross for us with dismay/
But if we were suppose to belive it, everybody would feel this way/
He commanded us not to, bare false witness against him/
But how can dat happen if we never witnessed him/
In the boondoccs people hear voices of his followers, muffledly/
They aint wit him yet, prolly closed the door on them suddenly/
So that got me thinkin if he is known for takin people wit him da most/
Then why in hell will there still be any hollow shadowey hosts/
His dumbs ass put faith and trust in a bitch dat was fake/
She turned around and disobeyed him for a snake?/
Damn some leadership, I guess he is the real leader shit/
He was never known to be bruised, but his son was beat and hit/
Wat dues he paid, he was also documented the earth, whys dat/
If he made the whole world, when he gon finish the projects/
My mom force me to belive in him every sunday/
He made me try to belive that this was the only one way/
They had a book saying he exsisted, I won't waste my breath/
How the new half of da book, created 400 years after his sons death/
In 400 hundred years how much shit can happen, i kno u hurtin/
Cuz u kno the truth plus utr only following the edited versions/
Sum scriptures were stepped on chewed out, but I ain't losin my soul/
But it aint his fault, the blue eyes used him as a form of control/

Think really think about this yo, really really think, see if u can get it

07-16-2008, 09:06 PM
yeah, shot with bullets riddled, my blood still in them towers
I'm in wtc, the 9/11 hour
ask and you shall receive, too bad who don't believe
to criticize at a critical moment as this be
I passed out my shit in harlem, and walked it down to ruckus
hopped a chinese bus back to philly where this
life determined lately by constantly hating
from outside of this realm, as if this ain't relating
the wildest shit to many, but turned down by the bricks
'til bodies beyond bodies was buried in the mix
beginning of 2000 attempt to hit the bosses
ain't know at all who the boss is, shit got distorted
now laying low so long, I cornered cain
got shit for brains, my mm bout to shift his brains
truth be told? july 2007, check the message
y'all witnessed me alright, wanna' really get this messed up?
like the zig-zag.net massacre in the south philly naval shipyard?
keep on playing like God is some retard
stay up and get money, but pay up the rent money
pale horse, Philly ghosts prey on the ones hungry...