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07-26-2007, 12:07 AM
Donít cross the line I bark up the mic and ya spine
Twist the wire cause allot riots without yelling ďfireĒ/
Iím Mr. Techwon table for two I stick and glue
Chaired the lecture on the emcee flu now I can virus u fools/
I never skipped school so I studied the biochemical reaction
Thoughts contracted actual facts maniac raps come wit beta caps/
I theta waves emcees like low grade radiation a cancerous occupation
Creating psychotropic babble to marvel you scoundrels while taking bowels/
Drinking beer whether it is a Coors Light or Corona my flow is loner
Iím iced out wit knowledge not the diamonds that are a girls best friend/
Iím like wolverine in The Uncanny X-Men issue #115
When he got his metal ripped from his skeletal so you can peep his metal/
I got the mental telepathy rhyming over instrumentals electronically created
Phaser bank star trek betrayed stole phrases made more ways about it/
Caused chaos display the odds continue crunching numbers
Scientifically Iím ridiculous wit more styles than Kid Icarus/
Spit a massive amount of factual incorrect information creating anomalies
In the space time fabric harness the atoms like X-Forceís Havoc
Now Iím considered a maverick who stands for everything & falls for nada/
Fuck it, now itís a West Wing thing flip them the bird
And I still got more words to say so I figured I sprayed in yellow taint
Now thatís the definition of Goomba rap when you can intrude on crap/

Yo peep it
This is goomba rap
How the fuck did superman attack
Now motherfuckers hit the question mark back
Iím like Super Mario always getting
The mushroom trying to grow
(The mushroom trying to grow)

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07-30-2007, 01:03 PM
Felt it like a stomach pain!