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07-29-2007, 08:57 AM
Fresh off his critically-acclaimed album “The Format”, AZ returns once again to bless his fans with a unique offering entitled “The Memphis Sessions”, a two disc set where each disc stands on its own. Disc One combines AZ’s effortless flow with some of the most funky and soulful tracks you’ll come across. The second disc is comprised of all new, never released AZ cuts that sound as good on the streets as they do in the club. The result is pure start to finish listening pleasure for the audience as AZ’s most popular acapellas are blended with beats reminiscent of 1970’s Memphis. The success of Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” albums proves that combining Hip Hop with other genres of music is a cutting-edge theme that’s bound to be more common in the future. AZ was first heard on Nas’ classic “Illmatic” masterpiece back in 1994 when he laid down an incredible verse to the song “Life’s A Bitch”. Since then, he has released such gems as “Doe or Die”, “Pieces of A Man”, “9 Lives”, Aziatic”, “A.W.O.L”, and most recently, “The Format”. So sit back, relax, and let one of Hip Hop’s most underrated emcees take you on a journey from the old to the new, from Memphis to NYC.

It's popular AZ accapellas blended with beats that are reminiscent from Memphis era 1970.

I've listened to it once it's pretty dope, you can easily recognize some samples from songs other rappers have sampled, it's worth a listen it's pretty dope.

'The Realest' with G Rap & Mobb Deep is nice.

It's supposed to be out 7th August.


Track List:


01. I Am The Truth 04:32
02. AZ Interlude 01:13
03. Sit Em Back Slow (Feat M.O.P.) 04:30
04. The Format 03:08
05. New York (Feat Ghostface & Raekwon) 03:26
06. Get High 03:35
07. Make Me (Feat Fresh) 03:13
08. Envious (Feat Bounty Killer) 03:08
09. The Come Up 03:35
10. Games 02:51
11. Rise & Fall (Feat Little Brother) 04:41
12. Doin That 02:38
13. Game Of Life 03:47
14. Vendetta (Feat Fresh) 03:49
15. The Realest (Feat Kool G Rap & Mobb Deep) 04:22
16. This Is What I Do 03:04


01. Life 03:59
02. Seems That Way 04:06
03. You Know 04:05
04. The Love Of Money 03:11
05. Damn It Feels Good 03:49