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07-28-2005, 02:05 PM

just thought i would add a thread for this

anything accepted here along the poetry aspect

peace i'll drop a little piece called 'The Word'

Whats the significant reason why life is evolutionairy, since a complex of thoughts ain't considered or trusted, we speaking against corrupted goverment but still ain't believed, we make sanctioned decision but still ain't achieved, what the word thats used to explain colour to the blind, or advocate death decisions in the midst of apathy, can u maintain fair judgements if the source is conflicted, can u use words to explain the truth of existence, or merely a persistent circle of sickness. ask a fanatic for reason, ask god if it exists, ask life is this it?

we work away slaves to this minimum wage
change this day relate to those wasted away


07-28-2005, 04:17 PM
here's an Old Piece I did lets to keep this thread going


Falling hourglass sands evaporating the time of man,
manipulative demons contort the law for evil plans,
In America were slaves that work hard understand?,
well I'll break it down so you can comprehend....

we pay we pay we pay everyday and what do we got?,
we pay for death to lay in a cemetary plot,
we pay the mortuary service a hefty knot,
we pay to live in everyday life we wrought,
we pay at night out in the hood on the block,
we pay with our life if were knifed or shot,
we pay for medical care or were left to rot,
we pay for clothes and become walking billboard lots,
we pay for cotton picked by our ancestors mocked,
we pay with lost heritage when those DEVILS docked,
we pay physically stuck in poverty outlined in chalk,
we pay dropping our souls in the WAR machine coin slots,
we pay emotionally when our children at WAR get popped,
we pay mentally blocked told it will never STOP",
we pay rent to sleep in an apartment or spot,
we pay taxes on property we already bought,
we pay to power the appliances we got,
we paid for those appliances that cost alot,
we pay for the phone so we could talk,
we pay for water so we could clean and wash-up,
we pay for gas so we stay warm and cook-up,
we pay a portion of our income a Quarter to each buck,
we pay for transportation to get forth and back,
we pay for the oil and gas to travel like that,
we pay for car insurance even if we dont wreck,
we pay for a license & picture I.D. that the police check,
we pay for education and so-called economy inflation,
we pay to keep murderers alive while their victims died,
we pay with our time when were caged by the blind,
we pay for politicians and thats a crime,
cuz they could care less if we live or die,
we pay for all of this while left with nothing to save,
so we could never elevate in a place thats safe,
we work hard all day working in the system of slaves,
with a minimum wage set to keep us near the grave,
now wait!!! you'll say "slaves were never paid",
well..if you noticed we aint either,
if you think you're making money you need to stop inhaling ether,
money changes hands back to Uncle Sam's hands the death dealer,
as were dying slowly from the sickle of the Grimm Reaper,
in a suit and tie disguised as a religious political leader,
controlling through a gentle demeanor and the Laws masterbation,
if you dont believe me go do your own calculations...
They call this the land of the free I call it the slave nation...

I fortify and manage cabbage heads damaged,
with GODS schematics I inject supreme mathematics,
depleted mind states are the savage that expanded,
covering their mental wounds with ignorance as a bandage,
My thoughts run rampant scampering on these savages I manage,
exacting damage scrambling these egg heads their brain cells are famished,
Inciting madness inner demons got'em thinking they're the grandest,
while their problem solving skills move slower than molasses,
I topple any religion dictating to the masses with tacticle smashes,
my mind shines visions brighter than deep space gasses,
my words are blastin spittin mashin tongue causes lashes,
surrounding minds with my positive advancements,
power to the masses dispicable acting drastic,
raise the bar of life cuz they lowering the average.....

07-28-2005, 04:32 PM
I remember that piece....i did my own version to it but never used it....for obvious reasons...peace

07-28-2005, 05:26 PM
ok this stuff is just written off the top

Poison living

what's the purpous of these obsurb purchases, being forcefeed our life purposes,
known the obligation we've been driven toward, is it really freedom we chose to ignore, or is it simply reformatting the basic template we use to explore, i believe we hold our own relisation but we chose to follow, the hollow system that corrupts tomorrow, yesterday was gone but not forgetton so let it thrive, if it dies that ment the memory faded inside, relish whats left cause memories are pure and pieces of history, facts are packed with alchemy left broken and forgotten, history rewritten in a form thats rotten, yesterday people became neglected and poor from poison living,
swade by fake religions and politcal prison we call society,

07-29-2005, 11:11 AM
Poisonous living dangerous lives twisted together in failed endeavors minds get wetter with the violence from devils one arm on the shovel as we peddle on blocks metal is shot only to burn out our neighborhoods that wrought these rotten ideas we plot massed together in ghettos we're hot subliminal messages in the televisions we watch News stations owned by corporate cocks general electrical own a lot they inform the leaders to blow up spots so they can get richer tax evading bastards the poor just get plastered oppression is poured as the young die in hordes softend up similar to a fire to a smore most ignore the signs lost and blind a deaf ear to a deaf mind..off the top

Definitive X
07-30-2005, 11:48 AM
Small haiku:

What is a teacher
But a person who preaches

07-31-2005, 12:09 AM
^ a haiku?... but this is wayne's basement

07-31-2005, 12:49 AM
Small haiku:

What is a teacher
But a person who preaches

that was Senryu... not Haiku... Haiku has the same syllables, but is supposed to revolve around nature... good though...



PS: I got a sick collabo comin'... keep an eye out...

08-02-2005, 01:37 PM
i'll dsrop something tomorrow i've gotta work overnight.

thanx to everybody who posted in here and feel free to drop some more before tomorrow

08-03-2005, 03:15 PM
as promised i'll drop something


Drop mathematic for average rap tablets i'm savage,
combat religious fanatic who's empty cell are half masted,
twisted pastors inflict sick sadness on innocent bastards,
rewrite passages charactorise classes into obediate masses,

no truth little proof to support their policies
daylight robbery polyogamy and vendictive econamies
envision sanctified sodomy behind walls of hypocracy
religious ferocity evicting you're false sense of apology


08-03-2005, 06:28 PM
distaste over this disgraced place families sit and waste,
obedience cased muttered words are erased,
as the young die and get chased as the old fry and get laced,
people dying in place starving just for a taste,
of the good grace running in this rat race maced right in ya face,

Dae Ja Nae
08-04-2005, 01:19 AM
Nice thread man ;)

When I think of Poetry, I think of the wind beneath my wings
soaring to new heights, viewing all that life brings
all things ...
become anew, for this art shines a different light
it embraces the ills of this world and somehow makes wrongs seem right
magically turning adversities into an impossible victories
mysteries begin to unravel as we travel through out history
unlocking secret tombs and giving voices to Taboos
illuminating dark places, creating faces from lost clues
nothing is unknown ... for it enables the mind to dream
putting everything within our grasp, no matter how inconceivable they seem
silent screams ...
are now heard because Poetry has given them a voice
cries that once fell upon def ears, now have reason to rejoice
to me, itís lifeís essence ... the very force that drives me
like the blood pumping through my veins, it keeps me alive, see ...
Poetry is who I am ...
the continuous rhythm of my soul
the fire contained within that runs wild and grabs hold,
of the smallest hint of imagination, turning stray thoughts into great visions
manifested into fruition ...
... itís the teacher of lifeís lessons-never requestiní a tuition
Itís gives the smallest life-a true purpose,
a creative mind-a new surface ...
to draw upon whatever desires the heart inspires into service
all these things and more, are reasons I will always adore
and itís depths ... I will endlessly explore

How about you?