View Full Version : Drastic Dramatics

07-30-2007, 12:05 PM
Verse won

Exposing thug posing emcee's til' they exit the league
Murdering billboard spot holders in the mainstream
guess that's a day dream, still getting cream's the theme
Sinister minister annointing, and appointing teams
To crumble opposition, chopping victims
Chainsaw massacre sympton
Swift when lifting, weight carrying while lynching
Black demon kicking hell tales in crowded jell cells
Praised by the population, for casting castration spells
Warlock on the war block wit a golden gatling gun cocked
verses heavy and heavenly, Gods flock the hot spot
Opposition react throwing rocks, we getting stoned in the drop
Cuttin' headz Rza style til' we reach the top
Since a seed lived the hardlife, my hustle ya can't knock
Stong as an ox, more defiant as Pac
Non-materialistic, exhale the smoke in the air mystic
Mentally gifted gift giver, when i die my prescence they'll mis it


Drastic dramatics anything less is beneath my status
Tired of the pop shit poppers, so i react the maddest

Verse 2

Back for more drama like the Panthers riding for Fred Hampton
I might leave the hood for good, but fuck living in the Hamptons
Advancing choregraph my own moves, deadly duel dancing
Nowadays emcee's get gutted, found in gutters as i'm lamping
tracks given my stamp of approval, bow to the buddha that's brutal
I might lose you like loose change, then fool you
show up at ya show, it's the kid with the hacksaw in the front row
Throwing bows til' i reach em, and complete my ludicris deeds
Ya beats knockin', but ya lyricisms old as Spud Mckenzie
Underground undertaker that's unfriendly to opposing emcee's
See my staff, and flee to appease the wrath
U might do a whore, u shouldv'e did the math
Know u can't relax, visioning my bloody axe
Psychotic psycho on the warpath
laugh as i creep up behind ya back
Track ya steps to the studio where ya making ya wack tracks


Last verse

Some say my lines are too long like a opera song
Eyes red cause i stay smoked out
replaced the blunts with bongs
Ladies saying in the nuthouse is where i belong
That's cause after i nut in their mouths i'm gone
To make some ill tracks, bringing back the boom bap
Nocturnal like raccons, and rats
Happy i don't rap like every East coast cat
got beef over mc's that got Eiht, know i come strapped
Skin blacker than tar, holding the sticky in a jar
Ol' school nigga rocking the gold chain when i spar par
Won't hear me pumping "Party like a rockstar" in my car
U might hear "Raw hide", or "labels" when i'm driving far
Above the law outlaw ,my actions are outlandish
Any competitor disrupting my meal, feel this knuckle sandwich
Hands switch blows, bands rocking a bandage