View Full Version : Cormega 'Who AM I' DVD & Soundtrack October 22nd + Album Update....

08-01-2007, 05:00 PM
He's pushed aside the Legal Hustle mixtape/street albumf or a bit & is concentrating on his official album titled 'Cormega' his dvd is out 22nd October, which is supposed to be over 3 hours long following Cormega over the last couple of years & will include a soundtrack.

He's also going to release a new single for his soundtrack soon also.

He posted this on his forum.

Whats good Im chilling In QB been here for like a week I havent lived in QB in over 10 years but Im staying out here for a week or 2 it feels good to be back.
Yesterday Whodini did a show in the park it was dope.
Anyway theres been a BIG change Legal Hustle 2 is almost done but I pushed it to the side for the bigger project that many of you wrote me about so October 23 is the OFFICIAL date of "Who AM I" and it will
also include a soundtrack so you get the music and the DVD for one
price. The date is OFFICIAL there will be no more delays etc.
Im releasing a single digitally this month the third week of Aug,
this the first time Ive released a single digitally but thats something I
wanna do. The solo album is F*&*ing CRAZY I just gotta do the artwork
Im gonna make up for lost time and pardon me for the delays
peace to Victory Dream and Stainless for all the help ONE


the silencer
08-01-2007, 09:32 PM
i just vomited my brain outta my fuckin mouth im so happy......holy shit this is great...

i was anticipating this shit what seemed like YEARS ago.....Cor is my fav rapper of all time

08-02-2007, 05:06 PM
Cormega has now changed his date for his 'Who AM I' Soundtrack single to 7th August, next week, it will be available on i-tunes etc.

Soundtrack should be dope though.