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Undead Ninja
07-28-2005, 06:38 PM
The Shadow, the home of the Ninja anyone want to take on me best surrenda.
The Shadow, where the mic was first gripped it was the cause of gettin my first bitch.
The Shadow where Pac realized thug life from the cradle to tha grave.
The Shadow where rappers with no name received there fame
The Shadow where words were first wrote down and real G's tryed to perfect the sound. But they didn't make it the Undead Ninja is the only one pick up a gun and like Ghostface said "RUN"! I wrot ethe rhymes inspired by drive-by's real G's on tha corner gettin high. Blazin offa YaYo but my name ain't Tony I spit this wicked rhyme down and this shit ain't funny. Anyone who trys to take the name of the Ninja try to defend but best surrenda to The Shadow.

The Shadow a hustla's home
The Shadow where Kurtis Jackson blew up.
The Shadow Tribe Called Quest paved the way
The Shadow don't worry it's ok you see i'm like Oda Nobunaga fuckin around with insane beats and lyrical sounds. Before your toe ouched the ground the rhymes been dropped think you can defeat try u best not.

The Shadow where I screamed Hip Hop Hooray
The Shadow Salt and Pepa said "Hey"
The Shadow where Ice Cube said " It was a good day"
The Shadow where Rakim and Eric B. got there Fame.

So, if you want to battle me prepare to enter the Shadow's what lies behind a rhyme might be real close. But I let a nigga know who he can preveil don't proclaim your Ninja if your rhymes sounds like hell. I'll be the first to tell stright ruin your game the Ninja's on the rise and it's my name. The Shadows is my home thats where I preside don't fuck with a young G you'll get your ass kicked to the side past

The Shadow.

08-01-2005, 05:21 AM
Nice try i suppose you where busting. I like the idea behind such a verse but you didn't put it to the full potential as it should. But keep working on your flow and content. Take care