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Jimmy Focus
08-06-2007, 12:35 PM
ive notived something and its really pissin' me of. ive seen shit tht ppl r sayin like certain releases that r coming out, just came out and r came out a little while ago could be better (ppl have mad comments about finding forever tht i dont like)....wtf.....and another thing ppl r always talkin about we need more classic album. quit ur fuckin complaining if u want a classic so bad u make it, u obviously kno what a classic is and what need to make one, y dont u do all of us a favor and make one for us or shtu the fuck up. y do ppl need to preach about how hip hop needs to be as great as it use to be when they aint doin shit themselves. u want hip hop to be what it needs to be do somethin about it u cant jus rely on the vet to do somethin its the responsibilities of everyone involved.


i also want everyone to understand tht this aint a diss to n e body i got love for everbody here i jus dont think certain comments about hip hop should be said.

now go ahead and say as much shit as u want to prove im wrong cause i kno alot of u want to

08-06-2007, 12:43 PM
First, completely agree...

But you've gotta realise the hip-hop heads are all elitist cunts. It's built on ego's and being better then somebody, you don't hear rock fans bitching like this, every good release gets praised like the resurrection of Jesus. But heads? Naaah, we have to bitch and moan about every little detail instead of just appreciating hip-hop.

With Finding Forever it annoyed me too... Mad bitching about Com being "soft" and shit like that, remember the same stuff with BE. Why listen to him then? He's not wack at all, but if you like hardcore shit stick to hardcore shit, it's obvious you won't like Com.

Then there's "nerd rap" or "backpacker". I don't get what nerd rap is, I've tried thinking how it's bad, but is having smart lyrics bad? I think being witty and going over peoples heads is a good thing. Backpacker? how the fuck is backpacker bad???

It'll never stop, which is a good thing because it keeps the competition hot which results in better music. People are just more elitist now, you can pick faults in every "classic" you like, but classic doesn't mean perfect.

08-06-2007, 01:03 PM
I always say people complain too much, we must be some of the few that don't. A few people I seriously don't think they will ever like another album. Serious.

08-06-2007, 02:07 PM
The expectation for certain albums are just too high.... however today any cd that's above decent is called a classic...
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