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Prophet Picasso
08-12-2007, 01:40 PM
This is the first song out of a series of tracks I been writing. This is an ongoing saga. Any feedback is much appreciated. I need any criticism so I can elevate this to a level of perfection.

verse 1
Iíma prey like a wildebeest, til police wonít fill the streets and let they steel release/
Iím fillin Sweets listenin to Killah Priestís ill release, mentally ready to kill the beast/
on Mars Hill in Greece, Romans donít feel the speech, I teach of the unknown God/
the sunís so hot that sweat trickles to my feet, I stomp hard wit my gung ho squad/
I manifest serpents from my rodóI learned perseverance from humble servants/
hustled fervent, wasnít nervous of emergence of a Judas cuz I crush insurgents/
I didnít rush to purchase worthless idols, in the final hours the cowardice shows/
the Babylonian towers unfold once Moses told of the secret powers of gold/
allow us to show the flow of the river of stones that only slows on the Sabbath/
on the saddles of camels I travel over sand and gravel to approach the passage/
in my toteís a package containin Hebrew scrolls written by Enoch and Isaiah/
LPs by rhymesayers, my raps on white paper, cosmic weaponry like lite sabors/
I owe favors to a monk that got drunk on communion wine from the newest vine/
showed me truths divine and loosed my mind from bondage of the ruthless kind/
proved that time is controllable thru revelation of the Supreme Timeless Entity/
received priceless energy, so I joined the elders in cipher wit Christ the centerpiece...

verse 2
I followed where the sunrise had led, west to the horizon red, my eyes is lead/
I comprise a bed between the sand dunes so the morning star wonít fry my head/
the night is dead, I wed myself to Morpheusí dominion but Iím not his minion/
I awaken early to continue my journey immersing in the opinion of a wise Indian/
that I met named Mahatma Gandhi, he taught me to speak calmly and nonchalantly/
he brought me to the tents of his two friends Noble Drew Ali and Haile Selassie/
I learned Moorish Science from this newly formed alliance of Jah-ordered giants/
I forced the silence into my speech when I teach so I wonít endorse the violence/
they warn of tyrants and pirates that will disrupt my trek before I greet the end/
as I leave they send a note ĎDonít trust the wind and may the cheetah be a friendí/
I tend to my camel at the nearest oasis, no place is close so I pray and pose anxious/
eat pita bread from my cold cases, clean my sole basics wit a jar of rose fragrance/
I see a caravan carryin cans across the sand, all donnin blue tunics and headbands/
Iím a dead man, I know the head manís the lefthand of the prince of the deadlands/
I recognize the sign of the Kidon on they arms, experts in usin bayonets and batons/
they travel in eights like chess pawns, suddenly they surround me like electrons...

verse 3
As Iím approached by the caravan I bow on the land, declare myself a Son of Man/
blood of Abraham, the first man extends his hand and say they are the tribe of Dan/
he tells me saddle my camel, prepare to be baffled, I feel for steel inside my satchel/
I follow to a door in the gravel, a stairway of candles that leads beneath the mantle/
we traveled in muteness, in fear of any rudeness I refused to question the use of this/
we tunnel under a crucifix to a room of sticks grouped up to a throne of lucid bricks/
upon the throne is a Hebrew elder, Iím compelled to grab to my steel like a welder/
his hair is helter skelter, I fell to the ground and bowed as he held to his golden scepter/
he speaks of a dream he was given of kings released from prison, the dream was vivid/
me and him, kid, we was gifted, got lifted, sought forgiveness, walked wit swiftness/
talked to witnesses til we found Mecca, peace protectors, defeated Nebuchadnezzar/
then he smashes his scepter, tears his leather, gives to me powers to control weather/
tells me age ainít measured in years but experience, I must prepare for the next periods/
lethal experiments with death's kiss near the Abyss as I quest for the hexed pyramids/
where my answer lies, watch wit a pantherís eyes, shave my head and pledge as a Nazirite/
I grab my light, find the surface and scan the skies, read chapters of Esther next to candlelight...

Your opinion is greatly appreciated!

Sleep Sinatra
08-12-2007, 01:55 PM
yo crazy imagery man,u recording this shit? mad nice keep it up nice 2 see another worthy mc on these boards

08-12-2007, 04:46 PM
dopest dart i've read on wutangcorp-

only dart i consider az dope az "CESAREANZ"
on page 2 of 'temple of darts' by OTB
go peep it fam-

mad props Picasso
on the real, MAD props.

08-12-2007, 04:49 PM
hold up-

iz this punkd or candid camera or some sh-t?

could be killah priest or razah droppin in and blowin wigz up real quick>

h ha

Prophet Picasso
08-20-2007, 11:20 PM
The saga continues...

I depart from the courts of Morpheus, in a thunderstorm I awoke to a swarm of scorpions/
though not a one stung, the feelin was torturous, I ordered the storm to form an orifice/
and devour the arachnids that attack the kid, I grab my bag, head down the path to Nazareth/
reminisce on the original establishment, I’m the last to live, and man, it’s been disasterous/
as I recollect, I near the edge of Hazor Valley, I remembered tales of the Tribe of Naphtali/
who dwell in secret in Hazor’s alleys, awaitin to march and rally at the diaspora’s finale/
I recall the note from Haile Selassie and determine to enter the valley against the wind/
questionin if I need to repent of sins, as I quest again the wind gusts brush against my skin/
down the valley wall I see a urban sprawl, alleys, curbs and all, men wit they turbans tall/
I harken to a skylark’s call, walkin down a project hall I spot a elderly woman in a shawl/
in her paw she carries the Law of Israel, she tells me she is of the last tribe of the gazelle/
most are dead or in jail, but the remnant meet this night at Jacob’s Well near Beth-El/
the dell has been occupied by Amalekites, but the Gazelles do still come out at night/
they stay outta sight, but meet to recite chapters of Malachi, til it’s time for the call to fight/
so I go to watch the site, I hide behind a rock, I spot the fabled Barak talkin to the flock/
he dons a blue Hebrew frock, as he walks he retells the plot of the mysteries of Enoch...

Prophet Picasso
06-09-2008, 10:08 PM
Suddenly he spies my face, he sends his ace from his base to race to my hiding place/
I tie my case to my waist and try to retrace my path to find a darkened space to grace/
but the Gazelle is too swift and quickly lifts me before I can drift far from the cliff/
I go stiff as he lifts me over a rift to the locale of the cypher of scriptures and spliffs/
I get a whiff of the wisdom weed as he offers me a zip as a gift, so I kindly accept/
but only if he’ll first find me a set of clothes to buy before I try to glide on my quest/
he supplies my request than brings me to Barak’s quarters that’s flocked by supporters/
he says his watchers had warned of a stranger crossin the borders, as he tosses his Torah/
the awesomest aura surrounds his countenance as he recounts the stints of warfare there/
he describes to me scribes and Pharisees from everywhere that offered up strange prayers/
and the incense of Nadab and Abihu, who now sneak as law enforcement for the Greeks/
and Amalekites that reeked havoc in Hazor’s streets, which is why in secrecy they meet/
but they are to arm themselves on the morrow against the oppressive followers of Apollo/
they have slings, Tauruses and hollows, they’ll attack at the first call of the tree swallow/
I say I got a war of my own, I got no father nor home, just a chrome piece and a zone/
let’s get blown and I’ll share powers unknown that’s granted to me from the golden throne...

06-10-2008, 01:25 PM
THE rawest shit I've ever read.

can't wait for more...

06-13-2008, 10:02 AM
Dopeness P.P.

06-21-2008, 11:30 AM
...truly, some shit don't ever die. Christ lives in those...God's up, guard's up...peace/piece...

Prophet Picasso
08-10-2008, 08:00 PM
Another chapter...

After we build we spill tears as we kneel, pray his people be healed as they go to kill/
a peaceful clan forced to wield chrome and steel sounds surreal, but it’s Hashem’s will/
then he unseals a scroll that he holds, says he was told a messiah would console his soul/
then go on to recover the ark of gold, then be extolled by his fold as the prophets of old/
I bow before I stroll back into the cold dark, as I depart the valley I hear the war start/
I meditate on the rabbi’s remarks, connectin me and my art to the legend of the lost ark/
my thoughts spark a vision of a chapel, slaves in shackles while a pterodactyl cackles/
then I enter the tabernacle wit pineapple grenades, tunic stained wit the blood of jackals/
fresh from battle I lasso the dactyl and stab his adam’s apple til I hear his spine crackle/
the slaves was so rattled that they gathered like cattle once I unchained their saddles/
I scream “freedom” just as I notice a child of Edom, far behind, he don’t know I see him/
I lead him to a sand dune to impede him, he tries to pull his heat as soon as I meet him/
I lead him to a shelter by a delta, I feed him, I say I need him to tell me why he’s come/
why he strides wit a gun, he says he’s of Edom’s sons, on the run since he was young/
says he eats the swine’s tongue and prays to the sun, he noticed me leavin the canyon/
wearin a Naphtalite banyan, if I am of the lost Hebrews, he’s due to be my companion...

08-11-2008, 12:20 AM
dam PP ya shit be fire your imagery is amazing

Prophet Picasso
10-29-2008, 10:43 AM
next chapter:

Me and the lad march to Chad, clad in camel skin, he tells me tales of his dad panderin/
his mother was half Mandarin, raped and murdered as they were attacked by Anakim/
then he tells of the rumors of my service in the churches, which led to his fervent searches/
I consider askin him his purpose, but the Spirit says holy intentions take time to surface/
the lad looks nervous as we near Chad, we’re approached by a man clad in soldier rags/
tattoos reveal the Tribe of Gad, he says my arrival was expected, they’ve prepared a pad/
in the village the plague was so bad, flaming serpents from Moab killed four hundred/
rumors of wars comin caused many children to flee to the forest where the Moors hunted/
I wanted to get blunted, but had only two blunts of the wisdom weed left in my sack/
we crept to my shack at the edge of town, the man frowned as we were led to the back/
he said the chief would arrive soon this afternoon with shrooms and hashish fumes/
meanwhile, we must stay in the room, a slave girl will come to play us the harp’s tune/
I say I need to spark soon, as sunset marks the eve of the dark moon, my monthly fast/
I must get high before the evening’s past, he gives me some hash and chalice for the ash/
a bong of brass is passed thru the slave girl’s curtain, I’m certain I heard a familiar voice/
a veiled girl enters wit poise, first glancin at the boy, then as she sees me her eyes rejoice...

War and Peace
10-29-2008, 12:26 PM
yo Picasso-

you could link with an artist and accompany this audio with a graphic novel-

double your cheddar yo-

stellar work once again-


when you want to hit em with another SNACK, let me know-
remember those 4's 6's and 8's we built with a while back?

yeah, its the god War and Peace, a.k.a. OTB-

peace g-

10-29-2008, 02:05 PM
damn son u writing ill material