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08-12-2007, 09:30 PM
I show up w/ my lady to Rock the Bells San Bernardino at about 12:00 pm. The doors opened at 11:00 am. We chilled in the parking lot for about an hour drinking beer from the cooler since many people were tailgating. It was cool because a lot of people were bumping wu-tang from their cars while they threw down some alcohol (and weed) before heading in the venue. After throwing down a few beers, we head to the hyundai pavilion which accommodates 65,000 people. It took a lousy hour just to get in, the lines were insane.

We finally make it in and I buy my first 24 oz. beer for 10 dollars. A bit expensive but I was expecting worse. We start heading towards the main stage and are feeling screwed because we see there is a shit load of people already here. We didn't have VIP tiks so we were going to be far as fuck from the stage. Again, there were 60,000 people at this show. The pavilion is huge. Behind the last row of seats is a huge grassy hill that inclines from the seats for about 200 yards or more. By the time Rage and Wu got on, it was full. Anyway, security was having a hard time keeping general admission out of the VIP section, so me and my lady cleverly got in the VIP area, which easily sat at least 7,000 people, probably more.

We arrived during Talib Kweli performance. He later joined Mos Def and they did some Black star tracks. Super Natural and Rahzel hosted in between acts. Supernatural asked the people up front to grab an item out of their pocket and show it to him, he would then incorporate it into his rhyme. He went of for a while, it was impressive. Funniest thing I remember him saying was "The only time you'll see a white guy give a black man his wallet."

Public Enemy came on and put on a good show. Chuck D was dressed like he just came from the gym. Flavor Flav gave a shout out to his cousin ODB. He also mentioned there will be a Flavor of love season 3.

Roots rocked it well. Nas came out with the roots and performed two of his personal tracks.

Then, Cypress Hill came on. The crowd as a whole really started participating from this point on. The weed smoke consumed the whole venue. It smelled like a giant skunk had pissed on California. Wherever you looked, you could see a smoke cloud. B-real came out wearing a classic yellow and black Wu tang shirt. He was representin. When they performed "Hits from the Bong", Sen dog took a big hit from a giant bong they had on stage. It seemed to instigate more weed smoking from the crowd because the smoke around me was getting thick. Dj muggs wasn't there.

Wu-tang finally comes on stage. By this time it is dark and they turn the projectors on to the big screens. This made it easier to see detail for those of us who weren't so close. When Wu came on I had the chills because I've never witnessed so many people giving it up for WU. There was solid crowd participation throughout. A lot of the people there were for Rage, but they definitely knew their Wu-Tang. When we threw the W's up, it was just a sea of hands in every direction I looked, 60,000 people with the W in the air chanting Wu. At one point they had every body turn on and raise their cell phones in honor of ODB. Shit was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I don't remember all the tracks they played but they opened with Wu tang clan aint nuthin to fuck with. They did Its yours, Fish, Incarcerated scarfaces, one blood, Duel of the Iron mic, Liquid swords, click click, Do your thang thang, Tearz, Bring the Pain, da rockwilder with no Redman. Then, Method said the more energy the crowd gives, the same they'll give back. After screaming "energy" 3 times, the wu broke into bring the ruckus. That shit had Rage heads jumping all over the place. I also remember them playing 4th chamber that had 60,000 people rocking pretty hard. Meth did his classic m-e-t-h-o-d man joint, every one knew the words to the "I got my self a 40" lines. They ended the set with Shimmy ya and Triumph. Afterward they played a very short snippet of Watch yo mutha fuckin mouth, but they didn't announce it was new shit, so most people didn't know what the fuck it was. They asked the crowed if they wanted another wu album, but I don't actually remember them saying they were coming out with a new album. Cappadonna and Street life were there too.

I left from the VIP section and went up in the grass area after wu performed. Then, Rage against the Machine came on stage. These guys fucking killed it. They had some hard core fans going crazy. In the grass area people had 5 or six bonfire's of trash burning with flames reaching at times, 12 ft. high. These mutha fuckas were dancing around the fire like they were at a witch hunt. It was basically a mosh pit around the fire, shit was crazy. I have to give it up to Rage, they put on a dope ass show. The lead singer went on a rant about the Bush administration and how they are stealing away the power from the people. He said we need to take that power back. Every one of course agreed and cheered, especially me because I think about that shit every day. Anyway, He later gave props to Public Enemy for being the inspiration for Rage against the Machine.

I took pictures of the night, but with a disposable camera. I didn't bring my digital because the venue restricted them. I know I could have got one in like I know others have, but I didn't want to chance it. I wish I had pictures to share with you. I'm sure someone will post some pics. There were 60,000 peeps there for piss sakes.

Oh, I ended up staying at the same hotel as the WU. The next morning I seen masta killa walking back to the hotel with another guy. Looked like they were walking back from Ihop. I wanted to say whats up but he was in conversation, I didn't want to be rude. I also met 2 guys from Ice water. They gave me a flyer for their album dropping aug. 28th. I let them know I knew of them and the album. They were supposed to perform at rock the bells but their flight was late for the show.

I wish Wu had a longer set, but considering all the great acts I was able to see, I am happy with this experience. The shit was really unbelievable. It was great to be around so many people who appreciate this music, because I swear we are a minority. Ha ha, that just reminded me, most all the performers commented on the state of music today and how its shit. Even B-real commented on how great of a night it was because you could have so many great artists on stage at one time representin the true shit, "This is a legendary night."

08-12-2007, 11:53 PM
I got there really late right when Mos Def performed and it took forever to find parking and leaving too. I left after Rage performed a couple of songs because traffic was going to be hell and it still was after we left. I was somewhat disappointed that Nas didn't do an hour set but I've seen him a couple years back at RTB. I never had a chance to see EMPD, The Coup, Pharaohe, etc. I give Murs props for rocking a racecar outfit in that hot weather. Last night was great but it could have been better. I loved the Wu set would have been better if Redman came out when they did da rockwilder. They didnt have that other wu tang shirt that Meth wore to the NY Show. They did have the 8 Diagrams shirt, the black and yellow wu shirt, and a dark green one with 36 chambers on the back.

08-13-2007, 02:00 AM
ahhh yesss rock the bells, it was dope man, i just didnt like the fact that rage heads were there, the atmosphere was way different from the hip hop.. looks like there were over a close 90-100,000 people no doubt.. i got there at 11 found parking easily and stood in line for a close hour and a half to get in the arena which was real wack, it wasnt like that last year. i got to slip in my camera in my shoe, security were a bunch of bitches.. got inside the joint got to see pharoahe accidently formated my camera all the pics got deleted and didnt get to see immortal.. SUPERNAT, was on some slim fats bullimic shit, that fool lost like 60 - 80 pounds god damn, tht fool lookd like lil wayne with the dreads and all. but i did get to see EPMD, latest news wit these cats, ther in works of making a new album together. they rocked the stage well, but didnt get the love that they deserved to get, i believe 20 yrs in the making kid.






after EPMD, was Talib kweli, he got alot of love, cats went crazy, he did some new and old stuff, told that new album LISTEN will be comin out, i alredy got it and its a mixture between QUALITY+ETERNAL REFLECTION+ BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE. cop its fire.



then all of a sudden in between wen MOS was suppose to come on MURS, hits the stage, rocking a race suit in 100 degree weather hahah, he rocked the crowd preety good considering he was only on for 10 - 15 mins, right when L.A. came on it was over with.



MOS hit the stage afterwards, for some reason the crowd was real hyped for BLACKSTAR.. MOS stayed on for at least 45 - 55 mins, doing his thing, singing, playing the old and the new and then the moment every one was waiting for BLACKSTAR reunited, they said that they never "broke up" so BLACKSTAR HEADS, a new album might be here sooner then we thought.






Supernat started to freestyle, hahah the dood is real talented, me and the homie got a little flipped on public enemy's music, the one cat from ANTHRAX was there. PUBLIC ENEMY said fuck bush, u know the deal, and flavor came out to say that he is doing FLAVOR OF LOVE 3.. we stayed until there shit ended and than decided to bounce.






but in between that some old drunk dood, started to hit on the guy in front of me asking him if he was "mexican" and that he looked "good" hahahahah the guy that got hit on was pissed the other dood was like touching his lower back hahaha.. got some grubb found out the roots came out on stage and wer doing ther thing and then a couple of minutes later i hear nas doing HIP HOP IS DEAD with the roots, later on i found out that nas flaked and did a 2 song performance not his close to an hour performance.. than we got to see doom, Paid Dues stage was jamming, all the hardcore bagpacker hip hop fools were there, doom isnt that much of a great and enthusiastic entertainer but oh well..

went back in time to see that cypress hill was on, didnt care if we saw them but WU was up after them... we couldnt go in the front any more all the fools had to go in the grass area, Wu came out the whole 100,000 infested people in the arena just going bananas, CAPPA,STREETLIFE and KILLAH P, were there but KP didnt perform anything, the mics wer messed up, u couldnt hear INSPECTAH, GZA, MASTA at all.. WU did ther thing, they rocked the crowd gave the GOD ODB his RESPECT and played the watch your mouth joint, cats really didnt know or care from where i was standing cause they were allwaiting for RAGE.



people started to make bonfires behind us and started to dance around it, before RAGE came out doods got ther nostrils ready and sniffed to RAGE, people were going crazy it felt like i was at some NAZI rally, i herd before RAGE came out, some fool got tasered, and 2 of the homies got mased and hit with a flashlight at the end of the show. We stayed for 2 songs and left.... PEACE TO ROCK THE BELLS, it was mad dope, WELL organized than last year, but please keep RAGE for another concert, the fans are on some next shit.. for the first time ever THE WU-TANG CLAN wasnt the headliner.. PEACE TO ALL WU-TANG FOREVER.

Billy Danzenie
08-13-2007, 02:11 AM
i was there


i liked cypress hill, rage was awesome, i looked up at the sky smiling when we were yelling ODB GOD

the watermelon drinks are disgusting, shoulda got the lemon ice tea. no more money, was mad thirsty.

08-13-2007, 02:51 AM
Any news why Nas missed his set time? Rahzel and Supernat tried to rock that shit for as long as they can during his time. And I'm still waiting for Rahzel to drop that wu-tang shit. He said he'd do it later, then never came out again.

Anyways, the show was the shit, but the Hyundai Pavillion fuckin sucked. They should've burn that bitch down during the Rage show. The security was a joke. Those guys took their jobs too seriously. They weren't letting anyone in the general admission pit, when there was enough room for like 100-200 people. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get passed security to get in. Then getting out of the place was unorganized as hell. Took almost three hours. People just said fuck it and made there own path to the road.

When we got in around 12, we went straight to the Blueprint on paid dues, then went to the main stage during empd and stayed there till the end. Have to say the best were in order, Rage, Wu, and then Cypress Hill. Damn it looked like most people were there for wu with all the wu shirts people were wearing. But when Rage came on, damn! All the fires and people bumrushing security to get into the GA pit. After getting sunburnt, dealing with security, and going dehydrated, I have to say I had a good ass time last night.

Billy Danzenie
08-13-2007, 02:57 AM
Fat girls need love too

08-14-2007, 04:17 PM
Hopefully this gives San Fransisco peeps a heads up on what to look forward to.

Park conveniently so it doesn't take 2-3 hours to get out of parking.

Bring your sun block

Security are bitches, smuggle your digital camera in. Guys, they only check your pockets. Girls, I know your purses have 62 pockets, hide that shit in the side compartment. They don't investigate to thoroughly.

I hope you don't have a drug test the next day, the weed residuals will get ya. And I'm not mad.

Get their earlier than you think you need to get there.

Post your pics and reviews after the show.

Have a good ass time.

Stay for Rage, Whatever you do, stay for rage. They fuckin kill it.

08-14-2007, 04:32 PM
I left after Rage did their 3rd song because of parking since we were parked way in the back it took about 30 mins to get out. I remember right when I was walking somebody threw lemonade up in the air and I saw it land on a girls head. Those firepits were crazy I was near one and they had a box full of that newspaper that they were distributing and they just kept throwing it into the pit I remember the pit got around 6ft high but the others I've seen were more better than the one I was next to. I remember someone put a dally (sp?) into the fire but it didn't do shit.

08-17-2007, 12:50 AM
does anyone have pics of when Meth said to put your lighters and cell phones up. I have never so many ligthers and phones in my life at once.

Any pics of the concert too?

08-21-2007, 05:03 AM
This does not do it justice, but...


08-21-2007, 05:10 AM
Here is another one, the intro of WTC @ RTB in San Bernardino.
Again, this does not do it justice, but...


08-21-2007, 05:56 AM
well, fuck it. Here's Rage at 8/11/07


Check out the fires further away from the stage. There were about 8 of those fires in the grass area. Then there were the smaller ones closer to the stage. By the way, these fires started just before Wu-tang came on stage.

True dope shit. I was there all day. From Vip to the upper grassy tip.

A very transcendental experience.

08-21-2007, 02:53 PM
^^Props for that. That's actually a video that has both good sound and audio. Still searching for a good "Killing In The Name" & The Wu Intro.

08-22-2007, 04:46 PM
mann i got the videos but the shit is not uploading

08-22-2007, 06:48 PM
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