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07-29-2005, 12:25 PM
okay heres my second try at writin a verse. this one the flow is really tricky and you probably wont get it unless u hear me rap it. but here it is anyways.

What is an emcee? Anybody, quickly
I'm searchin' for the definition but it still eludes me
Can someone spell it out for me in Layman's terms
Cuz I need an answer like a broke physician needs germs
I see brothers out there spittin' bout they gats and they macks
But the facts, they all wack, rhymin' only for a stack
Step up..my lines attack, like a malnourished pack
At the crack of the bat I set it off like a jack
Weak verse, three letter words, make you lose a game of scrabble
..Rappers puttin' wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable
Break it down, they lyrics read like a book by Dr. Seuss
Never stop bangin' out hits, got more rhymes than Mother Goose
I be choppin' down competitors like vines in a jungle
Time to rumble, pathetic artists soon will crumble
Under my might, lyrical barbaric on the mic
20/20/20 sight, bark is half as bad as bite
This verse is a curse I be layin' on you posers
Put down your pen, when you see me comin' closer
Gimmick rappers couldn't hang with me without a stencil
My flow is natural, just give me a pad and pencil
And I can wreck it, without a moments hesitation
No calibration, get off without fornication
Let the celebration, commence and bring the children
No question I'm the best in the game, compare to Zildjian
My lips are like my nine and my tongue is like the trigger
Words are my bullets bouncin' off eardrums like Tigger
I got heart like Jimmy V, and the will of Carlton Fisk
"Emcees" proceed with caution, battle at your own risk

like i said the flow is kinda confusin..if you got any questions about the lyrics feel free to ask and ill explain.

07-30-2005, 12:03 AM
bump, i hate when people bump their own shit, but i gotta get some feedback, its the only way to improve.