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08-14-2007, 07:10 AM
this is how we doin this.... we gonna start off with a topic to spit about, the next guy spits about what the guy above deignates as the next topic...stay on the subject matter! dont move off the topic......and lets try to have good topics!!!!

First Topic: abortion

yo yo yo

old mam cursed the seed, - deletion of life
she dispersed her greed, the reason was strife
the soul entered, but never left
next was the thought of a life un-kept
i crepped to the bedroom, i cried and wept
for my bro was no mo, terminated as he slept
i lept to my mother with a scarf to smother
filled with hate "why did you kill my only brother"
another lost friend - dead without a cause
another sharp bend, the blood pours and pours
my core feels sore, love is no more
this is the last time, i wont let her kill 4

N/T: apatheid

Prophet Picasso
08-14-2007, 10:31 AM
I felt the hell of Mandela’s cell, the smell of jail/
the lack of mail I felt like Helen Keller’s braille/
the stale air breathed by the heir of burdens to bear/
separated and shared by dark skin and wooly hair/
the rags he’d wear was an indication of liberation/
vindication thru the incineration of the incubation/
of a racist nation, ripped apart the heart of apartheid/
the darts flied, the narcs tried but they stark lied/
the marks died and the dark nights turned heavenly/
Nelson turned seventy in levity, but spoke cleverly/
at seventy-two he definitely knew what was imminent/
he became eminent, but the enmity he’d never forget...

N/T: The Olympics

08-14-2007, 02:43 PM
Jump over hurdles, fence and joust
Old school Olympiad to new school Olympics/
World wide committee intricate games shaved days off
Competing against countries we’re at war with/
From the US to the Japanese we’re winning on platforms
Using gymnastic icons to track and field victories we’re making history/
Given the iconic stature of the black fist victory during World War II
Now we back ready to rumble with others on global scale/
With wings shall fly like Mike when he was on the dream team
During the 90’s now we’re in decline with others like Spain & China/
Making a splash showing and proving they got talent too
We can’t even win the Pan American games that lead to Olympics man/
We got the Goodwill Games in LA every four man how we gonna play
Are we gonna keep our composure or pole vault over the competition man/
We gotta dribble the ball on the court so we can hit the ball out the park
Or lift the shot-put, hammer throw, javelin sparks are gonna fly in the ring/

N/T: historic battles

Prophet Picasso
08-14-2007, 05:20 PM
Historical Battles:
I withstood the tarnished darts imparted by three hunnit heartless Spartans/
took they heads home in cartons, used they hearts to water the gardens/
my sergeants mustered enough force to buck Custer from his tough horse/
I ran up on Jericho's front porch with trumped horns and a blunt torched/
in a rough course the kid conquered Madrid wit the son of Alfonso the Fifth/
who hated the way I live and the way I stomped brigades at the Bay of Pigs/
durin the Crusades the pigs tried to raid my crib, it became a Six Day War/
they came in for the land of the Lord, but didn't expect what I had in store/
I raced wit Jason to raze a nation of brave pagans wit ancient skeletons/
led riots at the Bay of Pelicans, betrayed elegance in Operation Elephant/
survived numerous historical battles, put porcelain to sources who tattled/
took Mecca for horses and cattle and wrote oracles that made porticos shatter...

N/T: Farming

08-14-2007, 06:50 PM
ownin on farm aint nothin pretty/
work all day what do ya get, bucket a sweat n a penny/
farmin is jus another montana factor/
i love to drive my cousins tractor/
bailin hay/
all day/
1 thing that makes me mad is/
then ya gotta stack it/
90lb plus, use ur knees dont jus grab it/
on the farm i stay mackin/
growin corn/
gettin up to work early morn/
dont stop till dawn/
when theres no mo sun/
we do this to hand it down to his son/

n/t: illuminati

08-15-2007, 07:03 AM
a prism of prison, a glitch in the system
dollar bills n rocka-fellers, common class symptoms
a secrective kingdom, customs be sadistic,
its simplistic, i aint another fuckin statistic
ritualistic ballistics, litter the planet so twisted
babies cryin mothers dyin for a satanic checklist
that consists of deceit in the midst
while freedom fighters of the world persist to resist
the twin towers destroyed by the greedy and rich
lost souls black holes, cover this global war pitch

N/T: palestine/israel

08-15-2007, 11:39 PM
Establishment of an Israelite state due to a British Mandate
Clash of the holy Titians verses others such as Palestine/
Now we’re writing literature observing the outbreak in 1948
Making an occupation causing chaos before the GAZA exploded/
Taken it modernized as occupants have warring for decades
Dating all the way back to 1964 when the P-L-O begun its assaults/
For six days straight we had an epidemic, an outbreak of shrapnel
Wit multiple entities claiming the stake a right to entire region/
Now we’re seeing generational war facing scores of embalmed
Faction’s wit six plus staking claim to the Gaza Strip and West Bank/
Now it’s considered territory from the late eighties to the early nineties we’ve attempted to negotiate a peace policy with OSLO accords
Even made it President Clinton’s priority for Foreign Policy/
From two-thousand one to the present an quartet no less empathetic
Wit words they don’t credit from the U-N trying to make peace/
Regional pullouts have made it easier but no less safer making it that much crazier since Israeli pullouts air space has been a constant struggle/
Since Israel claim exclusivity over the regions air space
Now the P-N-A has come into govern the game making it harder/
Putting pressure back on the flames of the chef and his cooking
Looks like this will be a tall order to fill when you have this many guests/
From water to refugees now we got to do some to help both sides agree
But wit mismanagement of that region for along time it’s gonna be a struggle to look past the scuffles and the blood shed and a while before mores tears are wept and dust is swept in the Gaza Strip
and along the West Bank/

N/T: Computers, the internet and there future