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Undead Ninja
07-29-2005, 02:28 PM
Ha ha y'all whats really good up in the mothafucker?
For real G, no!
Ok I got you.

You need an assinator i'm your #1 man I take the mics out of any weak mc's hand.
They can try to pull me down but the shadows don't lie.
They can kill me but the the Ninja inside won't die!
I wrote wicked lyrics to make the masters why the Wu Tang Clan needs a nigga like me.
It's not about the fame more as it is the reputation in the game in all actually its about getting out the name.
Ninja Shinobi shoot your ass like Jacobe fuck around with UN you'll get stright swolled see.
Young G comin up, 7 digits blowin up, lyrics bouncing up down bitchs really givin a fuck.
The ninja's comin up in the fucking rap game pretty soon I see millions screaming the name:

If could let you into a piece of my mind the perfection of the rhymes you'll understand takes very little time.
The principle aspects and lyrical concepts directed towards the few who never found ground yet.
HAHAHAHA, i'll destroy all challengers I got 6 on my list I would name them now but I won't start no shit.
I am the only see to hold the name of the Ninja i'll say it over and over let that shit be be known.
I'll striaght up destroy ya, take your bitch ass home.
Be sure you didn't leave your wife at home nigga.
See, i'll be honest with ya I don't got a full understanding of the game I got alot to learn some may say what a shame.
But I keep having these visions of this name:

Can you see the tears in my eyes I laughed to hard at your gay ass rhymes.
You weak ass nigga got a twinkle**twinkle** in your eye bitch HAHAHA.
The Undead don't play around when I spit rhymes I keep it striaght profound.
You walking into the path of death the last nigga that took this path
Left with only his hat, cuz thats the way of

I just want to make a shout-out right now HAHA to the 6 bitch nigga's (actually 5 but whateva) who speak in the name of the Ninja. You know who you are i'm coming for you i'll work month after month until I perfect a good enough rhyme to take you ot in one sweep I might take on all 6 of you in 1 post who the hell knows LOL. Watch your ass nigga's.

08-01-2005, 06:40 AM
It seems you're on a war path? Anyway i suppose you were busting.

PS:Keep posting, and work more on your style