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08-15-2007, 10:49 AM
I am attempting to gather some new artists and gain support from the already established to be featured in the songs to an album in the making. Here is an example that you can add your own verse to...... feel free to add, critique, etc.

Sugar Plum Warrior
Copyright 2007

I compose these symphonies upon the balconies
To escort the soldiers like Valkyries
Turning lead into gold through lyrical alchemy
You shout at me, I close my ears but-
If youíre proud of me, I release my fear
Quite possibly Socratic philosophies on strength of human dignity
Through audacity has to be so others canít justify their greed religiously
Is it the, ends of a mean that used to be
Now fictitiously promoted and sold to those
Who hold positions in the industry and who are we
To challenge the morality of people who believe theyíre free
When in reality theyíre imprisoned in a system of hypocrisy

Beautiful people hold your heads up high
Look to the sky and embrace the light
Rejuvenate your mind and prepare to fight
Beautiful people hold your arms out wide
Offer shelter to those who wonít hide

Holy shit Iím late, no wait- Iím lyin
Thereís no fuckin way that Iíd ever being flyin
through hoops or do tricks and constantly try
to be someone Iím not and for what?
You must have forgot how I drop or did you think I could not
Who says I canít, what fools rules are those
The legendary messenger is sendin you a clue
That an especially messy stormís about to brew
It went from Afro-Asiatic language and progression
To threatening extinction from poverty and oppression
And itís so depressing the government offers medicine
Instead of them takin action, a physical reaction to whatís
Been thrown at them and whatís the attraction
To walkin around like zombies all sedated and contracted

Beautiful peopleÖÖ

So as I stand within the mystic citadel
Protected from the subliminal
I practice the sacrificial ritual
Of uniting the mental and the physical
Killing my individual to become indivisible
The victim and the criminal
I keep the arsenal minimal, limited to
Thirsty ears that make sense of the inexplicable
The continual ridiculeís effects are just residual
Our time is near? Baby itís been here.
What are you waiting for, the Four Horsemen to appear?

Beautiful peopleÖ..