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08-18-2007, 07:01 PM
Paranoid... Over Stoupes (JMT) Before The Great Collapse beat.

verse 1:
Meet me discreetly, take a seat we
Will erase any trace you've left completely /
Yeah I know mum, I'm a little bit careful nowadays
I even amaze myself, how I'm fearful of every gaze /
I feel like everyone look at me like I'm bad
They about to put the gun to me, it makes me sad /
I ain't sure of how long I got left to live
This conversation might be the last I'll give /
They're trying to kill me ma, that's why I hide
It's the real deal, so I hide where I reside /
I love you more than life mummy
When I was trife you did everything for me /
You and dad is the only thing I love ma
It makes me mad thinking I'm about to go above ma /
You told me no one should see their son die
That's why telling you this makes your son cry /
I ain't gonna lie, I think I'm gonna go before you
Don't ask yourself why, just know that I adore you /
When I turn to soil, remember the good times that we had
Remember my positive rhymes and try to be glad /

verse 2:
Aiight ma, I'm gonna tell you the truth
They try'na get me to hell everytime I go in the booth /
The government are after me mummy
I'm scared everytime cars passing me mummy /
Is it just me mummy?
I think I got HIV, I ain't lust free mummy /
I'm frustrated, don't know what to do
I'm hated, but I never liked to argue /
I can't move an inch without looking over my shoulder
I'm sober mummy, but I ain't no bolder /
I'm scared to death ma
I'm a victim of a theft ma /
They stole my life, y'all all I got left mummy
I need my rest mummy /
But I haven't gotten it for a while
I'm scared of the dark, more than a child /
'Cause I know about the black choppers
And on blocks I see wack coppers /
Ready to split my head and I'm afraid
I'm ready to fade, fuck it, I'll end it right now with my blade /

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08-18-2007, 09:06 PM
thanks for the feed :) uppin for more :)

I came from a wealthy family in Norway
In selfish ways we mostly had healthy days /
I was blessed but life quickly made me depressed
Messed up everything, constantly stressed /
Rap was my escape, spit my rage straight from my chest
Put my heart in horrorcore verses sicker than incest /
My quest was impossible, wasn't good enough in English
I'm not hood, I understood I was finished /
But fuck your media stereotypes
I just needed to strike mics /
They say practice makes perfect
But in a way that just ain't pure facts /
'Cus no one is perfect, and some need more than practice
But I just try to pull out my core, I don't act this /
Real life might be real trife I just try to stay real nice
With words, but each day I need to eat meals twice /
And I ain't got no job, my life is shit
Makes me want to grab the knife and quit /

08-19-2007, 02:15 PM

He's hard as could be that's why I call him woody
And he's a martyr for me when I'm not as good as should be /
'Cause with his size I don't even need to do shit
Let her hit, pull out and start to feed on her clit /
Lovely view, there's only a few that get chicks like this
I love her, feel bliss when I kiss my miss /
And I hope she loves me back, I need her to be happy
She let me, put it in where you'd think it was crappy /
But it's clean, shit actually looks better than J.Lo
I mean I've seen hotties, but she's an angel without an halo /
So woody just won't lay still
Shit's trill, I think he may have a will /
All of his own, to get in that ass
Get her in the zone, make her moan, then jet fast /
Put it in her mouth, I feel like a king on a throne
Back in her anus, cling on to her breasts with no silicone /
Foam, then cum comes, she's hurtin' doing the clit walk
She had to sit, while I gawk, and that's the end of my dicktalk /

08-25-2007, 06:55 PM
Oh so now you claim Norway's peacful? How you explain me?
I can be, dangerous, and even you know no place is pain free /
See, I air you out on fat tracks, the bass make you shiver
Call me Big Lurch how I make cake of your lungs, face and liver* /
..And I eat it too, fuck feedback, I'll be feeding on you
Speeding through your hood, not greedy, split your mom in two /
..And I'll only take home half, The Gnome got cash
Just roam around and laugh, with my own chrome that slash /
..You up, when I was born, I cut open my mom for the C- Section
Of my sickness, this is just a tiny(ee) fraction, I see reflections /
Of illness in every window or eye I look in, everyone shooked when
I rap, from Norway to Brooklyn, got no views on crook's sin /
Nothin', cut up your eyes to broaden your perspective
Just 'cause you were too selective, subjective or just defective /
You'll rest kid, I'll pierce your lung with my fierce & pure tongue
And leave you to die hope your mom cares for her insecure son, /
But she told me to put lead in your nuts & guts untill you were dead
And the only way your words will stand out, if I cut open your head /

*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Lurch (I know he didn't eat on her liver, but I'm by far sicker than him*(:))

Lil' Ruger
08-25-2007, 08:12 PM
last verse is freakin sick last line was bannanas

Nothin', cut up your eyes to broaden your perspective
Just 'cause you were too selective, subjective or just defective

also is a nice one peep my thread and drop some feed too.

08-29-2007, 03:18 AM
thanks for feed :)

I meet y'all just to beat and complete the circle
You're obsolete, I'm hard like concrete with no rehearsal /
Like talented preachers I'll leave you speechless
Challenge the speakers, it'll blow away your features /
My flow's rare like tritium, yours is light like lithium
You show fear like a parasite in liquid Promethium /*
I incite violence, force you to smoke the pot I piss in
I'll ignite you for your mildness, I'm never just wishin' /
I once killed a fairy and drank her blood like sprite
I'll bury her in the mud, I guess her flight was slight /**
I'm more evil than devils, but I'm nicer than God
We will act like rebels, but wiser than Einstein's squad /
You're just a facade, a piddling piece of dumb fuck
Decrease your slum income, putting a cease to your luck /
Only way you'll blow up, drinking cold water an' cesium
I'm a magician with ladies like H. Potter un'dressin'em /***

*Tritium = a rare isotope of hydrogen.
Lithium = chemical element. The lightest metal.
Promethium = Chemical element. Melting point around 1900F(1000C), Boiling Point around 5400F(3000C)
**Fairy grants wishes, sprite = a) soda b) mythical creature, often a fairy
***Cesium easily react with cold water, causing an explosion

09-06-2007, 06:02 PM
Metaphorical speaking my style can crucify with a pun
I shoot bullets made by magnesium, so smile to my gun*
You're real dumb like if the Nile would lie to the sun**
You scared, like escaping a mile, petrified, on the run
While I stun you with words, my great intellectual capacity
Even though they know it's ineffectual, they're after me
Spit a rhyme at them & they're gone, I'm raping a song
Competitors dead before dawn if I'm taking that long
Y'all acting all strong, but easy to murk like a pawn
Who's hittin' the gong when I kill with a smirk & it's on
Everyone runnin' in fear when I take my revenge
I put the fun in funeral, people make opinions we strange
But we as normal as them, except we don't hold back
It's formal, I'm sick without the concept 'I sold crack'
Hide when I shoot through your window with my mac
Fact is ya need these rhymes like a thin hoe need a snack
You heard, I rap about guns, but I can still use a hand
I'm not asking for help, but I will confuse your band [, you're banned]
They can't understand that not everyone's a stereotype
Go tell your kids 'wary, son, he ain't fearin' the hype'

*Magnesium got a real bright light when ignited, they used to use it in camera blitz.
**If the Nile would lie to the sun, the sun would dry out the Nile.

09-15-2007, 05:26 AM
(The fan)
I don't give a fuck if your old or new school
As long as you rule the mic, one of the few cool
If you dope like Ra & R.A., Acey, ghost & rae
Tell stories or boast, just rip it on most days
Ripping rappers that's max stale like Chino XL
Waitin to exhale, the dopest, we know that well
Some Kool G's rapping, but most faking like Cube
Some tapping only getting a name by making fudes
Rap's commercialized, can't reckognize this disguise
Pac's idolized but the impact came from his demise
He was great, but you closed your eyes for others
Rappers got on that composed lies for our brothers
KRS the teacher, but who remember the teachings?
Came back with a weak sling, the same preachings
And now the biggest thing is Kanye versus Fifty?
Game's reversed but the worst words don't lift me

(The rapper)
I drop the best rhymes when I design fine lines
Best work confined in shrines, look I define
what's hood, what's good & what mood that should
be dropped dead, and the writer would have stood
empty handed, should've been removed from this earth
His mother would prolly disapprove of his birth
Ain't worth shit, but ignore it & listen to me
Spittin out my heart & core, glisten with free's

(The skater)
I roll around, finally a great new spot I found
On my grind like clipse on bone curbs like blind
Slide so well on 'em, nail tricks like kickflips
Got sick kicks, worn out quick, need to fix this
truck 'cus the bolts don't stick, they fall off
Skate in abandoned halls, police getting calls
No one brawls, street skaters no one gets heat~ed
We've always retreat~ed, but never gets defeat~ed

I'm just a human, at times I'm.. depressed
Playing games, listening to music.. obsessed
Calm, angry & I will kill when I'm.. stressed
At times a mess, but sometimes feel.. blessed
To much feelings, some must be.. suppressed
Rap & skate, the human mind's.. complex
These different parts of me's.. complex
These different parts of me's.. complex

(The geek)
Even on the net I bully ya, gritty with zeros
A fucking villain up in the city of heroes
Don't dare strike back, 'cus I'll counter attack
Rich from killing like I'm the founder of crack
1on1 with the fucking magnum and the deagle
Fun is fun, I can't even fathom it's illegal
GunZ, it's all painkillers leading to your doom
On my manhunt and you'll be needing a tomb

(The violent)
You want it with me? I'll pull your heart out
Get something sharp in yo' mouth. Smart? Shout!
So sick I got gout, I'm throwing darts in a spout
Making art of your snout, I'll depart any doubts
Of you surviving a fight against the mighty Gnome
You'll lay in a catacomb, just say 'nighty home'
You got syndromes even with perfect chromosomes
'Cus my chrome leaved permanent scars in yo' dome

(The calm)
Keep my head cool, inspect the game like deck
Observe who's tools, them fools gets wrecked
My .50 cal's dangerous, I've learned to snipe
The type that earn my stripes, burn my pipe
See my sniper don't really smoke that much
But at anytime it can show a stroking touch
I hide in the dark using a laser beam as lamp
Walk past my room, suddenly it seem to damp...

(The depressed)
But why am I even writing and sniping?
Diss anyone that's biting, I'm typing
down my rhymes, I'm down with crimes
Feel meaningless acting a clown at times
Go home in the dark, slit my wrists
Don't wanna act emo, so I hit a bitch
Kill a snitch, really wanting to kill me
Telling the truth, will anyone feel me?

I'm just a human, at times I'm.. depressed
Playing games, listening to music.. obsessed
Calm, angry & I will kill when I'm.. stressed
At times a mess, but sometimes feel.. blessed
To much feelings, some must be.. suppressed
Rap & skate, the human mind's.. complex
These different parts of me's.. complex
These different parts of me's.. complex