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08-19-2007, 03:10 AM
im ungodly, a animated dead body, an abomination
maggots crawling round inside of me
the thriller, they shoulda filled my tomb wit solid concrete
now imma killer, prowling the streets, creating mob scenes
niggaz looking at me funny, running from me
buckin' at me, bullets aint stopping nothing
fire cant hurt me, still blowin' hershey
im already wetted,so how you gonna murk me?
bustin' out a ancient art form thats been gone
replaced by popcorn infirm, i shit on
new born niggaz who get on wit luke warm
depraved bastardized slang, got the game wrong
yall eating off the plates thats been made by da greats
and aint saying grace, not even giving thanks
waste of space, a discredit to the race
dance monkey dance while i eat your fucking face

pop a nigga, stab a nigga, choke a nigga, drown me
imma keep coming back cuz im dat hiphop zombie
poison me, open me up, my heart still pounding
eyes glazed, fresh out da grave, craving raw beats
relentless, walking thru barbed wire fences
undead, dragging my leg, flesh been picked at
by black crows, a murder allows follow me
bones exposed on the hiphop zombie

run for ya lives im a threat to mankind
unbound, come fuck around wit frankenstein
super sized, fresh outta hell, slick as slime
spittin' rhymes, funky like formaldehyde
got street cred after i ripped off your legs
release date dubbed the dawn of the dead
paint detroit red, dont need bread
panic is wide spread
parameds picking up whats left of your mans
go ask alice, warpath stretch to the palace
out of malice, kindergarteners gettin' trampled
muthafuckaz screamin' louder din neve campbell
its devils advokit, youll get cha shit dismantled
doom bringer, scorpion stinger, black magic
necromancer, take yo breath like lung cancer
die romantic, in the arms of your assassin
i breed dragons, feed'em virgins on platters

hook followed by beat break

arcane, watch me maim lames, ive mastered pain
drain dames, niggaz slain, bodies claimed on burlingame
ultimate evil, filllet people, put dahmer ass to shame
satannic, hold black masses in lucifers name
gothic babes, hell i raise will leave the earth changed
imma resurrect boom bap, rap nggaz gone pay
its no way ill ever submit to yalls dense ways
fuck chains, noose round my neck, dats how i hang

08-30-2007, 12:02 PM
U crazy but felt it like a bowel release.

08-30-2007, 01:06 PM
some of the verbage was a lil iffy but shit was crazy ill looked Michael Myers as rap head SPOOKY LOL

08-30-2007, 02:16 PM