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08-20-2007, 10:45 AM
peace..enjoy.!!! check the Hasan and Hicoup stuff..

below's the press release.. feel free to jump in!

So You Think You Can Rhyme or Make Beats?

Prove It At www.SpitYourBestVerse.com (http://www.spityourbestverse.com/)

So you think your rhymes are hot, huh? Then, prove it by spiting your best verse! Imprimis Web LLC presents SpitYourBestVerse.Com, an interactive social network with the purpose of contributing to the Hip Hop culture by setting the stage for healthy competition in the form of creative debates or artistic battles. SpitYourBestVerse.Com strikes the members with reality, while eliminating the bias opinion of those who surround them.

Allow me to explain.

SpitYourBestVerse.Com was founded by artists for artists. This unique communication channel is dedicated to supporting quality & creative forms of expression through the popular vote. Individuals can evaluate each verse and decide which artist can spit & which ones need to call it quits. Emcees, Rappers, R&B singers and Poets can step up to the challenge by creating a profile, uploading their best verses in video or MP3 format, and proceed to gear up with an open mind to evaluate and be evaluated by the World Wide Web community. Producers can also create their own personal space to upload their beats to demonstrate who the real track masters are.

The voting system at SpitYourBestVerse.Com is straightforward: you simply like the particular verse or beat (Spit It) or you don't (Quit It). The artistís score is equal to all the Spit Itís minus all the Quit Itís. The top-scored verses are placed in the 24 hour rolling HOT section according to the score. The newest & ready to rate submissions are found on the New section of the site. The Verse Of The Day and Beat Of The Day shall be the top scored verse/beat from the day before. That is not all; artists will have the opportunity to maximize their exposure to this growing community by becoming a Featured Artist and/or Featured Producer. For the chance to challenge the Peoplesís Champ on SpitYourBestVerse.Comís Verse vs. Verse, Beat vs. Beat, & Single vs Single daily battles, when uploading their items, the artist can check these options respectively. At the end of the day, the audience decides who Spits It & who Quits It.
SpitYourBestVerse.Com also incorporates messaging between members, browsing profiles, the most informative & entertaining Blogs, and the livest interviews & shows via SpitYourBestVerse TV. The SpitYourBestVerse TV broadcast includes: Heez TV and Hoodwurld TV. Expect more additions to the line up very soon. Other components include the Rate My Single and/or Rate My Beat features, which provide an opportunity for feedback to all members.
In addition to the madness, the nicest artists will qualify for a feature on SpitYourBestVerse upcoming DVDs and Mixtapes. Look out for the SpitYourBestVerse Street Team in a hood near you.

http://www.SpitYourBestVerse.com (http://www.spityourbestverse.com/)

For all inquiries please contact:
Spityourbestverse@gmail.com (Spityourbestverse@gmail.com)