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08-22-2007, 07:08 AM

Download Here (http://www.element416.com/mixtapes/Camoflauge%20-%20Pandoras%20Box.zip) - For the Street Album Pandora`s Box
Download Here (http://www.element416.com/mixtapes/Camoflauge%20aka%20Gangis%20Khan%20-%20The%20Return%20of%20The%20Red%20Eye.zip) - For last years debut Mixtape Return of the Red-Eye

Camoflauge hails from Toronto's most populated region; Scarborough. He is the leader of the Deep Waters crew and recently recovered from two shots to the back, one of which hit his heart. Seems enough material for the average rapper to skim over doesn't it?
Pandora's Box does anything but skim the surface. With 100% original beats and a surprisingly cohesive and unique sound this project is not your regular mixtape. Street album is a better way to put it.
Listeners are reeled into Camoflauge's intense state of mind and introspective thought process with the introduction "Why Me". This track establishes an undeniable sense of authenticity with lines that hit home for Scarborough residents like "Niggas get shot 'cause they really love drama/ Blitz got shot 'cause he really loved Parma/ damn right I cried and I pray for his Mama."
Camoflauge a.k.a. Gangis Khan is able to straddle the line between sounding like a hardened street boss (Oh Now Oh, Bang Bang, Scary ft Set2) and a remorseful and insightful young man struggling through everyday (Somethin' Should Happen, Ninja Swords, Make the World Go Away, Life is Hard). Rarely does the content of this tape sound influenced by anything other than his surroundings and opinions. And the combination of a story tellers tone and conversational lyrical structures achieves his previously stated goal of rapping "like he talks."...Camoflauge raps "I'm from Scarborough, city of the immigrants/ my crew is always caught up in some incidents/ Eastside gangsta gangsta, I live this $#!^"...Camoflauge lets listeners into his borough, into his life, into his head. His beat selection fits well with his demeanor and his melodies are head-scratching-ly catchy in a hazed out, laid back sort of way.
Pandora's Box, a blunt and a street corner and you?re in the element.[courtesy of www.element416.com] (http://www.element416.com%5D)


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08-23-2007, 05:20 AM
bigups, this is some real shit comin' from the dot, West End to Scarborough it's all love, stay blessin', 1!!

Max Munch
08-23-2007, 12:44 PM
Ye Camo's definitely doing his thing... Pandora's Box has a few big tunes on there. Keep an eye out for this guy...