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08-23-2007, 10:35 AM
[Verse One]
Let the work force go to war
Justice equality keeping the peace
Barb wires prison camp
You need a map to find me
Mattlocka leave ya head spinning
Because I didnít like the last line dishing
How the fuck you even reach the cell
Iím super power marital artist
Give nigga contest on who hit the hardest
Now give the answer on who ill
Feeling the pain lyrical tauter
Put your face in a bowl of water
Have his ear ringing with my hands around his neck
Seen his brain fragment when exploding on the mic
In the professing where I rip
Battle raps now become preliminary
Iím behind them make me undetectable
My mind is a recon
You got the shin on my strength
I made it this far after that maybe
I lock em than spit some Tim Trees shit at you
My verbal colossus perform
A microphone cliffhanging
When I go for broke vocals costume made
When I test the water hop in with anacondas
Laser cannon the frontline
Playing with a chess peace take the rook mine
Foolish why donít you step up an speck about it
I said yes
Once again yes
To all you fake rappers
Skippered skip slay you right on stage
I reply like the bass given rage
Mega watts in the junction
Preparation tools of coping skills
Iím so ready I smash your whole team
Just let see my enter bean
You can expected orbital attacks
Proclaimed items showing shadow gallery
Take the mask off the table
I found out that small tactics was useless
Iron palm to the chest break your back plate
Foot balances on tree tops
Diesel up for the finale battle
Sword slashing bustin out
Cat clawing your shirt rip the button
When you see me shout out
Action packed sweet candy rapped
Looking like a black ghost confronted
I bend over with the raw lyrics
The eagerness of the width is statement
Lines cause cave bombardment
Sentence speed so fast stop your life cynical
Suck the power out of your soul
Your just another to go cold
Details look at each sum of a number
It insignificant that you know this when aloud to see my bars
My syllables tension of the rap is beautiful
I cut you a new afro Koba fucking style
I wish time would hurry up before the ink in my pen self-destruct
Splatter all over the COM link
Stargate keeping a steady paste
Use to break on stage
The weak stuff in rap I know Iíll loose it
See a burning bush at the temple
Saying a other nigga would try this
A couple had done it Iím make it safe
My lips are mumbled glue on tape
Catch it from every angel
That forum a yellow triangle
A victim of a teaser
Rip skinless from a held laser
Phase could even track my rhymes
Hidden channel peak open the lab
Grab any body taking the heat
Group become fleet armed weapon
Lesson for 1000 bars combination
Fusion engine piston control
Date is lose hype koto gold
Take cover people start to fold
This is the greatest rhyme ever told
My new shit this bump topic
Holding down the cubic
Crazy for a person like going mantic
Prolong each items of static
Take ownership of my symbolic
The m tattoo on my back
This is the art of stamina
He who goes the longest
Pasting my-self with each line
Picture me in Mexico eating MCís
Because they have lyrical protein that reach from here and beyond
Trap you in a location were there on way out
Taking your calls that being shout
Telling you what it really about
We can talk about your future
It would be any thing left to rip
Wordplay hit like a fullback
Smash impulse with a zero gravity
Simply the best punch line remedy
Exhale I practice a million candle stick
Each one lit with flames
On a mic Iím too hot to handle
My rap is like data a-tip on video then back on tape
I release the exclusives Kay Slay title I lock em
Image show that you fake
I reminded you that this is a peace of cake
It realy sound like heís in to the music
What else do I have to exploded to you
Make you flip like rush hour
With the DJ switch the song to me
Have you dancing with on feet
Put Pine-sol on your mouth and kiss your ass good bye
Itís no place for vengeance
Only the weak get rejected
Or for heart stabilizing the position
Empty verse like trash digitally
IBM stat ices brain waves are hand picked
Blood type of a native
I do magic like Vordo raven
Homeless on the block seeking help form haven
As some niggas are straight out of a comic book
Give fist fight with left hook
Put you in check mate with a white rook
Hip Hop actives posing magazine
With many interviews play the zone
Vision exclusive audio liquid bane
I have in position line
Balance punch lines with stability
Come together like unity immunity
Life involves round I call it entity
Special with Mattlocka given it to em
Why else would I be here
You lucky I didnít knock your head off
Iím the best even with out radio play
So pass the mic to me
I bring the bright light to see
Let me get back at you in see
Posted up like training on the basic
Stealth hidden my darts
Bulleye your hands on the walls
Start cutting to neck to down blood falls
To you decide thrown his remain kill halls
Take the top of head off and drink out of it
Over a engine to his back split
Let my finger on again fit
Study with the older Gods
Iím hot like iron rods
Instantly damage you on all levels
You think like no one can hung with you
Sun store firestorm hip hop saver
I call it my GT project palm secrete
With UV light burn you to the limited
Digital rap music letter written
I was made to lock it made to rock it
Remove all shell shock C4 I show it
This are created keep real prove it
Government pay me with money on ya head
Still on my target to he dead
Catch em in gun bang in leather bed
You know when it get bad when fagget turn on me
Split permit hold up fours ready for war
Nigga murder your team playing with glass jar
Clean MC from dodo and speak Spanish
Just fucking rip you longer
Seen behind firewalls far as artist
Mattlocka with symbols of strength
Reach to anther lyrical length
Cut you down what was left is the tenth
Damage MC unnatural in a way
You law police victim slay
Ok I see what type skin you wearing light ray
Play the coast Pearl Gray
Battle you over phone contact via beeper
Roll over legs speed have a sleep over at jeepers
Marching boot of a trooper
I cracked a little
I train for this spot on the tube like a whole lot
Rap sheet hard to keep hold of
Like a rubbery horse
Blow brain on the dashboard
Iím on nigga like being contentiously discussed
Rhyme style fact connected
Levels that I been cranked
Cut off fowl less fancy then his mate
Just like the last MC I ate
The climax to good meet you fate
Dem dark elements Virginia city horse
Fire up the engine torse
Force meaning less give me the microphone
Spinning in a place where thereís wonderment
Wont stop when I taste the fulfillment
Wise talk me and compliment
Lungs calls at the net
Need a leaf guard to touch a pet
Give him a punch line before we met
Justices Equality hold down peace
Justices Equality is hard to demonstrate
Justices Equality in this year really make a mess of these rappers

[Verse Two]
My rap is gutter system ophthalmic psychopathic conditions known medically as hordeola
Beat me you better off headed for the hills
Must be high on X pills
About to be on top of part time fills
Hit him like just a copy in Nomandy city
Fresh out the club stop being witty
Bone deep the area get pity
Roll weed dash letter on pre-1991 maps
Smash it like baseball caps
Move a Seahorse going laps
Fat cats in the 800 ally going through a valley trysting pair
Flavor to the mix it flip on air
Lab workout in dragon lair
My vision least populous state
Kill the track for the debate
Explode lock it detonate
Wire boxing clean him good ring tone as a counter
Sore by the attended attacker
Ill split well travel skull rapped up beater
Group alike guarantee to perform lyrical robbery
Run god is with him ATM userís annoyance
Punchlines given finish warranty
Dope Hellenic H dealer
Pun bite give no time for a healer
Food for thought cook when the game get realer
Iím better then what other nigga think when things heat up
Riddick is not the only one to kill with tea cup
Some bars get slim when it time to rise up
God degree put my engery it second gear treat the gauge
The star in forest horse show rage
Grand Marquis for short page
Nemesis weapon Hemispherical hammer part
Pink heavy official dart
Whatís ya postion take the target art
Sentence speed is low altitude baseline
Pack dealing storage solutions punch line
Arena style shouts sickline
Slice his body create wound covers
Becoming newline lovers
Blood give taste MC of new flovers
Iím on you like a compter hack
Not having a style thatís what you lack
I attack old timers carrying only the pack
You see me like abundle of nerves
I spit because my lady with coves
Come with the real verbs
The setting of capital west of Haiphong
I stand big and tall king kong
The wing spand ice so long
Hip Hop is my thing hearty companion
As I use in the competition Mix with righteousness connect combination
Energy Gin and tonic garnish
Turn my mic up not finish
Deep underground diet fetish
Titles unrevealed as feelings
Holding it down from any one from stealing
The birth of rock start the dealings
The crieis ronin warrior
On air seen died feature of a clumsy dancing couple
Flirting with other give a sample
Tech and recive put down an apple
Connsent commnation device
Some day or hot like Mima Vice
Eating plilging shoot out with mice
Swing darts dangerous fly
Iím about listen lausher one gary shy
Like weeded bluts from a man eely
Master a former jack the ripper take off Yugoslav head
The master shogun lord break bread
On some cooking with paint children living in lead
Sliver backs suspect follower
I offer Kellyís glass builders born power
Lift at the steps get out your lesson shetted paper
Gun put in lep barber cut with every thing got
Shoot at ya body right on the sot
Drugs cook on boiling in the pot
1000 bar nigga reapect the traning is real
Get off your keens take the deal
Convert claw bear to this fake god bless him to heal
Any were you the Mattlocka seal
Killa to the god body lock a slave
Have the money bruning for a close shave
Hip Hop change the unknow truth harts
Coming and delaminates to this facked duck subzero darts
Pass the bone matter fact Iím live poet
Cut out nose and eyeís for it
Bust the mic for it
Even if in jail, in a cage die for it
What the force downtown rats carrying bags
To much study my mind blow start the gags
What up on streets detect real busty
Old dirt dog have ya rusty
In the scroll lock Mattlocka green light rocking
Profile get have having low profiling
I spit from east just to damage mic swing
Hang it with you keep the balance
My plans work under sun storm
Verble blast hander then comics

09-20-2007, 01:12 AM
u sick wit this one

09-23-2007, 11:15 PM
yeah dope rhyme but those ain't no 1000 bars homie, you got a good couple hundred but nowhere near 1000

10-14-2009, 03:01 PM
The light went out in the district
Fellow Mc's were training straining the olympics
The statistics added from all the visits
A way where the general would bite the biscuit
These cats were spraying spit like tek 9s
My shit was to strenial defendable for them to take mine
The atom bomb left on Blew his tounge
A vultra culture carved vultures shining in the sun
Hit and run spit and your done on the mic
Battle it right shackle it tight in this hunble fight
Caught misjudged hot touch of the spew
You lost your crew soldiers through about 102