View Full Version : Nice And Smooth Has A Article In The Source This Month

08-23-2007, 05:14 PM
I usually don't read The Source magazine anymore but i decided to buy it this month since WC and Keith Murray have articles inside. I was flipping through the pages and i saw a article on Nice And Smooth and i read it since i liked some of their songs back in the day. The article said Greg Nice still lives in New York but Smooth B moved to Sherman Oaks, California. They still keep in touch with each other. The article basically talked about their old albums and how they started out rhyming. Only album i liked by Nice and Smooth was Ain't A Damn Thing Changed. That album has their hit songs Sometimes I Rhyme Slow and Hip Hop Junkies. Guru of Gang Starr is also featured on a song on that album called Down The Line. That's a tight song and it used the same sample Gang Starr used for Manifest song. I never heard Nice and Smooth's first album. Is that album any good? Their Jewel Of The Nile album was decent and it could've been better. Old To The New, Blunts, Doing Our Own Thing, Let's All Get Down with Slick Rick were the only songs i liked on that album. Their last album Blazing Hot was terrible. Greg Nice was on a song on Sadat X's last album Black October.

08-23-2007, 05:15 PM
Did ya'll know Nice and Smooth had a small part in Strictly Business movie with Halle Berry, Tommy Davidson, Samuel Jackson? They were Tommy's friends. I love Strictly Business. Halle looked so good in that movie.