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08-26-2007, 08:15 AM
. 40 foot snowman vs an army of stonemen / a bell rings, i go offline with my own pen(fuck) / ok, an army of pharaohs, protecting the jewel of iniquity / they drink milk from pregnant women to keep them vitalized because a battle pries / bloody seagull falls from the bloody sky, a wise man cries / they're here and storms the indigo children inside / the desert plain turns into a field of cocaine / the weak fall and consume the chosen ones stay abstain / stains of thoughts thought the stains were bought / the weak yearned goods they seemed distraught / fought their own their mothers moans sounded like a cyclone / their sons screamed " go home" as they tore themselves to the bone ...

. 2 'b' cont .

08-26-2007, 08:19 AM
( doors open, you enter a white room with a 13inch black & white tv in the center of it, white demons camouflage into the walls, on the t.v you see me walking in a bloody river, clowns beside us with human body parts tied to their ankles ... )

:: violins play ::

Fuck a punchline, nigga I punch minds / have em exit your body after your crunched spine / i'm physical proof of Intelligent design, wrapped in your windshield, guess you didn't see the stop sign / veins pump alkaline, live in a tarpit, feed on my own shit / breath through wormholes, quinch my thirst with my own spit / forreal kit, i got the rest of the board shook like peru / takin' pain to the lead flushin' it with qualudes / i'm gifted dude, let me put this gift in you, keep breathing we're past the core that's why the mist is blue / now i exist in you, da i , they call upon me by sacrificing their babies & wives / semen burst out my eyes with the sound of the flesh accepting the knives / picture a million lost souls stuck in a hive, that's what you get when you look into my eyes / vlad the impaler chewing on angel wings in the sky / laughing with bloody teeth at god yelling " i love the taste of your spies" / the rapist pullin' your panties down by your thighs, giggling gettin' harder the more that you cry ..... (scratch)

( 3 year old iniquity voice )

.. mommy, who's that stranger standing by the window ? / his eyes glow, and i can taste his pain when the wind blows / and when i close my eyes i see him churning an angel on a spindle / mommy, have you listened to one word i've said? / stop it mommy, you're scaring me, stop spinning your head / mommy run !! , don't you see those snakes in your bed . ! . ! .

. lo!.

08-27-2007, 09:10 PM
.. that was hot iniquity ..