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08-27-2007, 02:02 AM

Rap Marvels ft Los tha Don

We go crazy on the marvel universe.

Agility above normal without the webbing in my wrists
I can cast a plasma blast from my clenched fists
All systems go, I flow Cerebro
Need those bozo emcees for the Puppet Master show
In the books where we belong, Los & Alkhemist bring Apocalypse
This the X-Cutioner's Song, it's on
Strictly Gold Team, optic beam rhyme schemes
Turn you charcoal, Storm upon foes, ask Ororo
More so, break ya torso, fists thrown like Cain Marko
Bring Onslaught fuh sho though, like Puck I'm on a roll
I crush spines, lines Forged from steel
Speedballs for real, deal until the year 2 0 9 9
You know we on the grind, grimey like Black Tom Cassidy
You loose ya Mojo, my Gauntlet remains Infinity
Burn ya like Bishop's burners, atcha like Silver Surfer
Cross Morph and The Watcher, get beings you never hearda

my bones can't be broken, i slice like logan
my brains on fire , my motorcycle is smokin
daytime disguise, i gotta keep my wings folded
under my trenchcoat when i'm remy lebeau'n
16 bars is like 16 cards, 4 suits all faces, and they fully charged!
don't need for danger room i get real life practice
eat this planet for a snack call me Galactus
but thangs get real Grimm when i'm doin my Thing
gotta make my money stretch like Mr Fantastic.
i'm a strange doctor observe as i conjure a monster
mcs get treated like rogue, gets no love
tag team Red Skull and the Baron Blood and
and we plan a secret war just like the Beyonder
beyond asgard ask thunder god Thor
high profile but we stay Loki
stay on the move like quicksilver 2 sentinels on me
armies of me like Multiple Man multiple metaphors
make your skull shatter got the voice of Banshee
wreak Havok wih split atoms and blast nuclear fission
embarrass an mc red faced like Vision
i'd roll with magneto on that malcom x mission
u fukked, wishin you could change your luck
but that's a Longshot cause i'm castin a hex just like Scarlet Witch
but i ain't nothin like no red head bytch
u get shocked with 50k volts i'm Electro amped
then i pull a sneek attack on yo camp then -BAMF-
like a fish outta water but i'm more like Namor
steppin out the ocean but my skins still damp.

Watch an learn this aint no school for young mutants fool
Jaws of steel like Dr. Doom, tower over you like Fin Fang Foom
Bang Boom Boom, Strong Guy Pyrokinetics
Like Magneto touched my lyrics they awfully magnetic
Check it, ya name done got scratched, call me Patch
A Weapon X batch of words *BERSERKER BARRAGE*
Regenerate fast, bring Carnage, harness super sonic
Anticipate final product like a What If... comic
On a Warpath, rapping Collossal we gleam
Guardian of the Galaxy aside my sexy White Queen
Fight me? You might see a mighty Mjolnir attack
That will put ya whole face through the wall like Shadowcat
Intrude cerebellum, Abomination to any villain
That's right, born in the UK b*tch, I'm Captain Britain
Turn Vultures into pigeons, when I throw Stones and Styx
Punch your face and poke your eye is my Sinister Six

mix sick thoughts and imagery project like artie
a beast at the party off the wall speedballer
i don spit game i professor x her to sex her
disappear into the back so she can nibble on my nightcrawler

Reason to live, wreak Havok and cause distaster
Break, enter your premesis, disappear like Kurt Wagnar
These Doctor Octopussies gettin pushy, I aint having that
I'd rather chill wid Gambit, play a couple o hands o blackjack

call me peter parker cause i love black cat
thats hot as firestar i'm sunspot problack
make stan lee a tru believer i'm a silver samurai
6 arm attack spiral windmill rap shiva

I will conquer the universe like Conan became a Star Jammer
Embarrass enemies, blue in the face like Kelsey Grammar
This track is like a gun blast from Cable, it's a banger
Make these wannabe super heroes put they costumes on a hangar

Avenge my name by all means, backed up by my Brood
I'm like the Blob in a sense, not fat but I'll eat ya food
Sick of fellaz runnin the mouth, dude, hold ya tongue like Toad
Ya faulty Iron Man suit is about to overload
Aint that somethin, my temper a Hobgoblin pumpkin, bout to explode
Step to Los & Alk is walking down a Yancy Street Gang road
We'll make you fear the night, call us Blade and Morbius
Knock ya down like Dominos, then Marvel.com to discuss
Undamaged, I Ravage the Savage Lands like Sauron
I'm the Grey Hulk in a room of Green Hulks, surrounded by morons
Los Tha Don, I'm hardcore like my skeleton was Adamantium
Throw you to the Deadpool, blood druel ozzing outcha cranium
Mister Sinister swagger, Cannonball blast to gag ya
Alk's the Grandmaster, watch him Dazzle you with Daggers
Ya Stars are Shattered, I'm like Nick Fury when I weild
30 guns and 5 grenades, but no vest I've got a S.H.I.E.L.D.
Uncanny, we may be the only two emcees that get this
Until we make you all believers once we flash our cosmic weapons
Holy shit Odin, looks like we're in for a crossover
So I killed Batman & Robin, an teamed up with The Joker

08-27-2007, 07:55 PM
bump for Mary Jane Parker