View Full Version : THE CAPTAIN: *1,000 Miles*

08-27-2007, 12:52 PM
Here is a joint I need some feedback on. I make my own beats and write my own shit


1,000 miles

what happend to hip hop
it flip flopped like sandals
selling hot wax before the candle
my samples are sick
you cant handle the grip
you gamble when you ramble
ill straight cancel your shit
Im dabble in scripts
write screenplays for production
offshore accounts
major tax deductions
my function
live to see earth from space
from developed brains
of the human race
looping this tape
I got ill beats like lennon
torture mcs
like kevin spacey in seven
bracing your melon
watch for blunt force trauma
mcs are actors
a resource for drama

my dominance is clear
I write rhymes from rome
learn about history
a thousand miles from home
a piles of stones
cut to make a pyramid
on plateus
facts show
most intolerant like lactose
they tap phones
listen to conversations
ultimate power
the bush administration
my patience is thin
like reaper the grim
weaker than tins
crushed up thrown into bins
crush bones through your skin
break all 206
a slow fix
is what your therapy consists
I root for the bad guy
in the movies
watchin godfather
kickin back in the jacuzzi

I have thoughts to be king
all kneel and kiss the ring
ill deal with the steal and any
bullshit you bring
my nukes are fueled
and my brain is schooled
fact is the iraq
philosophy needs 2 be retooled
theres no rule
no iron fist from above
no sense of decency
wash our hands with blood
boots stamp in mud
batallions shipped like cargo
when fidel dies so does the cuban embargo
from fargo to vienna
I peel caps like baretta
C is for captian
V is 4 vendetta
the chedder is mine
cause Im clever with rhymes
surgical strikes on arteries
Ill sever you lines

Masta Chilla
08-27-2007, 02:52 PM
now that was a funky beat! its somehow cheering up...

and ur metaphors are on top!