View Full Version : The Captain - *FOSSILIZED*

08-28-2007, 05:55 PM
Feed back please....Im listening to everyone else shit so be a good person and lemme know wassup... :)

This is my intro song off my "Coup De Grace" album entitled



simply put
I got this game on lock
the hall of fame has my
name etched in rock
Im not king
own everything
on the planet
take u out like dinosaurs
with meteors of granite
before the planets were formed
I created stars
now im chillin in manila
like godzilla
I stomp cars
I spit fire and scar
mcs anonymously
my name and firestorms
are synoymously
popping the seams
leave imprints like a fossil
you are witness to a miracle
like the apostles
im sick with this
ridiculous flow
that burns you like syphillis
the dossier on me
when it comes to mic-phones
is that I bring heavy wind and rain
like cyclones
and you can never be ready
cause I sunk boat
fuckin cut throats
with machettes
its like the serenghetti
when I stalk my prey
talk my game and the
chalk your frame
exhalted game
be a witness to the sickess
my hitlists are comprimised
when I rip shit