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Is there a Martial Art of Dreaming, there is the second ring of power (force) thus the first ring is All-Day-Trivial-Life, the third ring is ultimate freedom and totality of self in a "body" for all dimensions. Shaman-Warriors fallen to controll of others and power-abuse fight tragically the battle for energy like 3rd insight of Celestine Visions. WE / I know about magick tricks weapons et cetera but what about Martial Art. Okay I suggest to study/watch the first (1981) version of "The Fist Of The North Star" to all ya what ever you like to call/curse yaself, so en garde in your dreams "WuDang"/Wu-Tang - WuShu is Incincible.......JAH!

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Personally I also suspect, or guess, or intuit, that the more unconventional models - the ones involving Higher Intelligence, such as the Cabalistic Holy Guardian Angel or the extraterrestrial from Sirius - are necessary working tools at certain stages of the metaprogramming process.

That is, whether such entities exist anywhere outside our own imaginations, some areas of brain functioning cannot be accessed without using these "keys" to open the locks. I do not insist on this; it is just my own opinion. Some people seem to get through this area of Chapel Perilous without such personalized "Guides." I know of one chap who did it by imagining a super-computer in the future that was sending information backwards in time to his brain. More clever people may find even less "metaphysical" metaphors.

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Dan Cooley...

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ROFL. WTF is this?

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ROFL. WTF is this?

What does all that mean?