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08-29-2007, 03:07 PM
global diesase filling lungs, spilling grease
metamorphical beasts scorn the honest and weak
my mantelpiece is covered in gold cannabis leaves
and a manaquin that walks n talks when you breathe
real beats that a genius couldent concieve
i bomb raw facts like the scholars of thebes
bro you better believe,i "weave"lines like spiders on speed
i freeze time like a sniper that millmetricly squeezed
from a canopy above the trees
my strategy comes in two and threes,keys from overseas
that make every orafice in your body bleed
iam shatterin your dreams clean like a big pun LP
tell me the path of wellbeing, we cant see coz its unseen
creeping along the edges of dreams, pledges and ideologies
stenches of hypocracy, and diabolical fiends
pychological screams fill the streams of steam
the smokescreen fills the scenes, truth never to be achieved
so we reach and teach the supreme, by thoughts and means
socrates and plato archemedeis theologies
striving for mental airspace supereority
i define the times with metaphysics and philosophy


time flows like sink taps and rainbows
my rhyme blows like wing flaps and maimed hoes
case closed you cant touch the bears chrome
i tear bones like a scythe slicing through scarecrows
my very presence makes earth slow mo and grains grow
veins blow, n eyes roll n crime snows
the blind stroll without feeling alone,in the clouds of the cosmos is where i belong
this earth is just a middle platform,
before we take flight and soar to the sky stars and solar cores
my molars sore skin in strings like straw eyes red and bloody
like i jus sniffed a score whiffed a spore covered in chemcial chalk
spiritual talk dont hide my healths poor
not on the outside but the inside,
the last barz had a secret flipside
i descretley said one line but hit five
come get my lyrical design
it blows you out ya comphort zone like telling a midget to drive
we strive and die, so bro try n ride smoke pounds of skunk till our brains fry
the blame aint mine yours theres or dimes
but to the conivin controllers of life

decapitations closed captions of emancipation
mass excavations of concealed operations
complications complicate the core of patience
anihalating the natural laws of self sanatation
till were left in rotting rubish nation
corporations sorting to publish satanic documentation
its insanic cant combat with static so i flank it with tatics
the outcome be tragic, witchcraft n magic stich paths and plan it,
avoid the manic and panic preserve your nerves and curb the words that manage the lost and stranded,the cost equals the greater atlantic

08-29-2007, 03:24 PM
phat work sid-

'believe i weave linez like spiderz on speed'
'scythe thru scarecrowz'
'last barz had a secret flipside'

dope darts yo-


08-31-2007, 04:37 AM
yo any one feel free to hit me up!! feedback is always good