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08-30-2007, 11:07 AM
Song from the "Coup De Grace" album...... "I AM...."


Im an architect
every angle has percision
Im a scientist
study nuclear fission
Im a pilot on a mission
like top gun
Im a banker who
only like drops funds
Im a fireman stunned
at the size of the blaze
Im a psycolgist
helping who are crazed
Im a boat captian
navigating through ice
Im a chemist
petry dishes and half life
Im a geologist
study layers of rocks
Im a wall street broker
investing in stocks
Im a heavywight boxer
with champion belts
Im an actor
with oscars on the shelf
Im the bartender
who mixes your drinks
im the philsopher
making you think
Im a mafia don
pulling string like puppets
Im a politician
running as an incumbent

Im a truck driver
hauling freights across land
Im an astronaut
travel the earths span
with hands I build
Im a masonry worker
Im a judge handing
down a sentence
for murder
Im a news reporter
my position is broad
Im a priest
sent on a mission from god
Im a professor
at MIT
Im a policeman
in the NYC
Im a farmer
tending to the fields
Im a death row inmate
eating my last meal
Im an assassian
like john wilkes booth
im a baseball player
so call me babe ruth
Im a real estate agent
puttin price on land
a conman
selling black market contraband
Im a race car driver
put my foot on the pedal
Im a steel worker
pouring shapes of hot metals
Im optomitrist
helpin those with their sight
Im a psychiatrist
helping those with life

08-30-2007, 01:17 PM
i'm feeling the style the way u rhymed on i it .. i like the beat but i feel like there's a split of a sec that's off it could be the drums or the melody...but the flow goes good wit the beat and it's missin a bass

08-30-2007, 05:40 PM
thanks for the listen dude. I think I know what you are saying. My drum kits are kind of weak, always have been. I need to upgrade from fruity loops I guess. Ill be listening to you stuff now too. Thanks again.