View Full Version : the cards of worldly wisdom

08-31-2007, 03:45 PM
not finished but give me some feed back, positive or negative

what i learn from living life,is what you learn from what i write/
algorithms used to recreate visuals stored from sight/
wisdom is shown in serious matters, Jokers resemble liars/
unable to pick up judgement, Assumptions Can Escape the eye lids/
Kings usually circome to wants, Queens provide desires/
Jesters Acumulate Circumstancial Knowledge and preach it to the choirs/
like, knights with swords drawn protecting land sectors/ 2007, men walk around with pocket protectors/
but controdict there senses and are high risk stock investors,/
there money made is evil done, walking like there decadunce impessises us/
thats the importance of realizing sometimes jewels are bestowed upon the uglyust/
and the redundency of currency, roll the dice, inter-racial monopoly/
but to me,theres no such thing as strangers in the shadows of a blossom tree/
relaxing observing flower petels falling in unsymetrically shaped perimeters,/
and picture sricptures that portray what a righteous life diserves/
mine carries no monatary worth, but is priceless upon the easel/
where the self warry and open minded flea to for a sequel/
so unless you plan to conquer it, its unwise to seek for evils/