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09-01-2007, 05:07 PM
iv got a right to censor and a right to accuse,
a right to defend and a right to abuse,
evil leaks from around the way,
you'v got the choice to run or the choice to stay,
stand your ground and defend family,
stand tall with pride and keep your dignity,
as the encounter goes on a weapons revealed,
sliced down my arm where blood prevails,
hungover in the mornin, with blood on my bed,
what if he striked a bit higher, near my head,
would i of been there in the mornin or been left for dead,
a mobile phone for my troubles, a little bit of cred.

f*ck you at the front, f*ck you at the bak,
f*ck you over there, and f*ck you, and that,
f*ck everythin alive, and f*ck everythin dead,
f*ck eminem, g-unit and f*ck 50 cent,
f*ck the game, NJ devil and f*ck nas,
f*ck wiley, roll deep and f*ck dizzee raz,
f*ck wu tang and the 36 chambers,
f*ck ja rule, murda inc and all its members,
f*ck gangstarr, krs1 and f*ck kanye,
f*ck cube, eazy, ren and nwa,
f*ck life, the herse, and f*ck the birth,
f*ck the universe and f*ck everyone on planet earth.