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09-07-2007, 03:54 PM

the capitan is rappin
so all pay attention
I link perceptions like
the 2nd and 3rd dimensions
professions of rap
not filled on your taxes
you need pratice
I spin the earth of its axis
you listening
to zen a master
who pens cause disaster
the guns clap ya
loud laughter
put a smile on a sad face
I grab tape
dump mcs
in madd lakes
half baked
where you living on earth
its called the third world
not found in a search
and swirls of the milky way
hold galatic dust
that billions of years old
from a big bang thrust

we planted rocks
where liberty stands
and shot guns
like yosemite sam
bliggity blam
RPG up in your tank bed
your frame is layed out
eyes go blank,
now you're dead
release these strings
thats hold us like a puppet
fuck it
Ill kick the bucket in nantucket
who whould have thunk it
death is anonymity
in practice
the act is simply your abilty
the achive the main things
your brain deems
will gain cream
and main stream mcs
I break spleans
aim clean
never miss
Im the marksman
american Idol
fuck kelly clarkson

Im on point like needles
your weak style is feable
I got bitches running after me
like beatles
fuck the measels
I sicker than all viruses
and I combine the minds
of all scienctist
the silence is golden
pop your mind open
a treasure chest of thoughts
you never explored in
Im forging a path
like the settlers in the old west
attract more heads than 49's
gold fest
this flow gets
international like beckham
rhymes deadly
like a black mambas venom
you better belive
I achieve the highest peaks
Im the mount everest
of mcs
forces retreat

09-07-2007, 07:26 PM
I'm feelin the beat and the flow lyrically a nice journey but the mix is so low it makes me not want to listen again. Feelin the classical sample and the vocal clips.

09-08-2007, 06:46 PM
OK it's not the better beat I have listen here, but nice lyrics and cool listening man.