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09-26-2007, 08:54 AM
from the south Bronx all the way down to the land of pyramids [ Egypt ] ..in a city called { Alexandria }. in this city a new hip hop legend was born ... the [ Y-crew ] ... 2 normal guys decided to hit the street of alexandria wiz a new culture came from America but they transformed the culture into Arabic , so ppl can understand it and love it . they started since 1998 in alex they were only 2 guys [ omar aka boflot ] and [ yassin aka alien-x ] and..other ppl came to join [ Omar and yassin ] , and it was like 10 members they call them selves [ da strangers ] and they were rapping in english and french ...but soon the other members who joined [omar and yassin ] were to lazy and hopless to contunie the way...and here it comes again [ omar and yassin ] alone on their way ... but this time they change the language into arabic so poeple can understand what they are saying and support them ... and they create the [ Y-crew ] and there was a 3rd member with them his name was [ mohamed aka mack attak ] he was one of [ da strangers ] and he was the only one of the 10 members who still with them . but when they create the [ Y-crew ] he was good in the beginning but after the first song [ el fan el 7adis aka in English the new art ] he was busy at work so they had to get him out of the crew...in the same time there was a guy name [ abd el gafar ] he was their friend and he supported them so it was like chance for him to be in the crew coz there's some one going out of the crew...and after [ abd el gafar ] joined the crew ..they did one album the first one in Arabic ...and they send a demo to a record company called [ Mirage ] and the manager called them back to see them for a meeting and they have a deal ..but after one year before producing their first album the deal was broken and they had to go in a different way [ go back to the underground ] and after one year they had to get [ abd el gafa aka mega-x ] out of the crew and be just 2 again just like they started and after one year they created the [ Y crew family ] different from the Y-crew [ other ppl .. MC uzi / MoMo / el dab3 / monkey / shahin and for sure boflot and 9milli ] in the same time they had a concert in alex library ..a concert wiz [ blumentopf coz they had a tour in the middle east so they pick Y-crew in alex and MTM in Cairo to do the concert wiz ] and they did the concert it was great [ blumentopf / y-crew and the y family ] and they performed some other concerts in alex , and they still until now underground and that's what they want...no deal just muzic...and more muzic.

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