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08-01-2005, 08:31 AM
These are the 1st 11 page's, add on if you like, and will see how far it went.

Call me Switchblade, I cut bitches that's bitchmade
mental strain, squeezin these fruits like orange juice concentrate
on being honest and strait, in this contest we contemplate
droppin plates, leavin mad cuts all on ya face
assassinate guerilla renegades, bodies hard to find in the state of 10,000 lakes
surrounded by 10,000 snakes, let um drown when they face they fate
drownin fakes while im drownin in thousands of pounds of cake
in tha temple of dartz nothings safe, words miss and richochet
so catch the pieces, build with um like bricks untill theres no escape
tranzmit like bladez, crackin defenses like chinese mortor mixed with clay
it still can't hold back this great weight, even if the wall is seen from space
Out of place, you out of mind, and out of state
i burn a menthol and watch it dissinagrate, inhale tha fumes at 120 degreez centigrade
I dont need to be 73 to kill a ninja my own age
I bring foes pain, show dames I'm raw like cocaine
I maime with tha flame and crush sincerly, push your skull to ya intestines so see shit clearly
piss beer for free, bitch come get cheery, I'm like Cheers ya see
Light's, camera, 12 gauge pump action, your man flow with no traction, slippin in all the wrong place's.
listenin to all the wrong statements got you non-complacent, are you ready for the matrix
Fake trick's, Now what the fuck was you's thinking?
you pissin out additional chemicals, what the fuck was you drinkin?
what the fuck yous is stinkin, pass the nose plug
this bitch smells worse than a corpse being aten by Bugs
Smoke drug's, kill people, and watch society be everything it can be
start a mutiny, dartz flyin like indiana jones movies protect tha shrine and move swifty
act shifty, and watch the whole shit turn grisly
with my bear claw swiftly pawing these wicked cities
push'em ten feet with tha iron fist technique and sign foreheads: wu killa bee!
On a killing spree, the villain, see? I'm drilling these, with an iller speech
peripheral vision 360 degreez, hammock loungen in the knowledge tree
smokin the leaves but not that fruit alone I leave
read text from tha b.c., even foes with amnesia remeber there defeat, but yo, thats ancient history
painting scenes of misery cats be hissing see clawing to the top
bring it back to plymouth rock and tha choppin block, duck low or get bagged faster than a ziploc
shit talk and get ya lips locked to ya own ass dont kiss mine at all
defenses like them jericho walls, bring um down, trumpets sound off
yo, i keep it going, chokeholdin a microphone and spit till it start corrodin
blowin the chrome if you posin, give ya dome an implosion
can't bury me next 2 plants pot on the rocks getting some power u dat rocks
I drop the cock on the spot, screamin alot, bitch says it's hot
Well, fuck the twat, i spit fire that's poppin right out the pot
Get off scott, and watch my clock dots time the slip on the knot
load lock / lock and load / what ever as long as the ak spray bullits that expload
overload the circuitry smashing skulls squash these amphibian toads
dethrown ur status dagga skin yea meat from the bone
ya'll in the dead zone head off the ringer like a phone
Don't get thrown 2 the wind chopped up like some kid found in a ditch ran over by his own tractor bitch
rhymes repeat in the matrix glitch welcome to the real side of life ..couse life is shit
when my mic rips thru your existence you can be uplifted or take it wrong same difference
heavy wristed thrownin fists like sonny liston, to sick, even africans cover their mouth when i visit
I split and sever the witness thats how it is in this street business fuck snitches!
hood life is vishes thats y i carry the heat wit me//
100pr00f in the md so b-more carfull when u step in my retreat city
the sword swingin remedy/slash sincerely, never dig biters cuz they already buried
fuckin, "free post"...this shits rediculous.
ima just kick back a watch u faggot haters put everything u got into the simplest disses.
i slash through veins the fire of acid rain and leave you rat niggas dirtied
Hungry rappers i vex,starvin for a deal i keep em anorexic
my rhymes are hectic, fuckin up your mind in 1 second
i left it mental disease infected, no thoughts just syphillis turned schizophrenic
recite my rhymes become cardiac arrested, i blessed the mic now its considered a holy relic.
crush mic molestin felons, back to back cigarettes the stress on cerebellums gottem on tha run like tom selleck
smash skulls ta fragments, im a magnet attractin planets
cannons blast like volcano ashes , ur kind the wack..tracked facts back to anglo saxons
Now tragically, your mastery of lyrical prowess saddens me, i'll crush your skull like my name's insanity.
cannonballs defying gravity, midgets charged with battery, ironic situations of british boys displayin savagery.
Wait, Savagrey? BOw down to the majesty, yo how the MUTHAFUCK u mad at me?
When i be the King, and u just a jester...
Take an axe to ya back, Now you hunched like Uncle Lester.
festerin pesterin me with your boring lectures Im like the Ruler Ill measure weather or not you got it together
Yea, get it together, we stickin berettas, that's leavin you more wetta than clever
no matter the weather, im bringing heat like lava rainstorms, ive been fuckin up emcees from days way before your brain formed
acorns descend from higher levels, boulder forms pebble, storms settle after the math of a vibrant tremble
the violent mental gets revised and disguised into a silent weapon revise your plans wimps
Sweep you're limb's, Shot to the temple, now try to maintain a healthy ballance.
purebread lyrical archers ridin stallions, cut deep into the meat grippin mics with steel talons.
I steal rings from saturn and mooch gas from pluto, snatching bree from the crater through which I capture kudos
fuck judo--i stay informed on street tactics, learn tricks of a different trade like meetin blacksmiths
aderal out of my mind looking for god to grant acces//
clash of men in masses a viken from birth a human god on earth swinging heave axeses
faces coverd in masks the venomes bring that slow type burn like matches/./
we got ya springs squiking fast like a bitch bieng fuck on a worn out matress
rabid assassins detachin chrome caliber ratchets, minds peer from behind bars like concentration encampments
Im a bat in the night, I kill em left and right with my snipe when I drop rhymes out of sight
out of sight? or unknown to the human iris? i infect a swollen mental with an aids immitatin virus.
no vaccine this germ warfare the vilest wildest droppin gems more scary than Osirus
my fires gows u cant terrorize pirates, your viral signs dimmer as i swallow oxygen from the underwater livin
find you with fish just underwater chillin
like Aquaman swimmin with mermaid women
raw like butcher shop kitchens, cockroaches scatter when spittin enlightened transmissionz
that come out of the beef splattered with plasma drippin the bugs are fidgitin
blow the tungsten right outta light filaments, glass stabbin all tha insects, keep'um limpin
fuck it.....why get violent,..i just kick back an relax...steady pimpin is my way of livin
for sho kid violent directions are the biggest misconseption, peace to tha wu and sicka back to peaceful re-election

08-01-2005, 11:31 AM
Nice to see you put the effort in, i'll read it through when i've got some time

08-01-2005, 01:10 PM
Some Cool Shit Homie