View Full Version : the choice of crazy paths

bad boy T
10-02-2007, 11:44 AM
Candle light for you suckers that are afraid of the dark
Taking one spark throw a blade at your heart
The organ is vital through my recital
Take a walk on water as gods disciple
Can't take a cut at a hungry fuck slut
Can take a buck in the mud up hut
The wordplay is advanced as I drop the bomb
Twister on the tounge A-lister like Iron Lung
where you from like Jay-Z in my lifetime
Writing songs crazy in my lifetime
I swipe rhyme divide a dime
Between all those who write lines and swipe mine
The collosal holocaust storm of destruction
A way in the lines back in corruption
Carried away in the ambulance injured
Stray ninjas in the dark where they lingered
Deeper than madness the palace has the fortress
A libary of hidden books from ghost authors
The riddle is deep cash flow street
The unforgiveable heat that burnt the beef
This is a decision that I take to the grave
No one could find it without getting slayed
Cop a block of hot allys and tunnels
Drop a lock in the vallys and funnels
I can't surrender even when in the peril
Pollen collecter lost the nectar from the fallen petal