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10-03-2007, 07:50 AM

the double slit experiment. it is a reproducible exp. that shows that thought affects matter. its quantum physics. by obseving a phenom. you essentially affect the phonomn u are observing.

there are two holes in the wall with a large white sheet on the other side of the wall. i have a automatic tennisball machine filled with tennis balls dipped in red paint.

i get behind the wall and the sheet so i don't get hit with paint balls
i shoot all the balls at the wall. = we will have two red patterns on the sheet where the balls went thru.

lets find out which hole the ball goes thru.

i put up a new sheet and i shoot only one ball. = WTF!?!?! there are still 2 red dots on the sheet!

so i get from behind the wall to watch this time

shoot 1 ball=Ah Ha! one red dot.

so i go back on the other side of the wall

shoot 1 ball= WTF!!?! 2 red dots

this is what happens when you shoot an electron at a metal plate with two slits and a type of sensitive film behind it.
if no one is watching or there is no sensory equpt watching the slits the electron will pass thru BOTH slits and fufill all possible outcomes of the experiment.
if you watch the electron it will go thru only ONE slit.

thought manifests reality.

10-03-2007, 11:50 AM
F.A.T.E. =

Group conscious thoughts are even more powerful.

"Whenever two or more of you pray in my name..."