View Full Version : This Is Me

10-03-2007, 03:49 PM
Iím back to stab the slab wit pain, time and glory
Itís time now you hear my story/
Fuck a fearsome man my flow is a year long
My bars strong enough to cut through the trenches
Wit nothing but knives and razors/
Under staircases or in the basement kicking it
Free styling to the limit bitch/
Pitch my best flow throw out the sinker
And watch a nigga get caught in the clinker/
Drink ya beer, I got my Bacardi lemon
My flow is ice cold frosty, crushing these emcees like bean balls/
Have you soaked in leaves wit green tea?
Iím the ganja flower rhyme writer show promoter/
Focused lyricist coming wit more lyrics that periodic table period
Come get cha lyrics theyíve been doctored like plastic surgery/
What you ainít heard of me, I come wit embalming fluid
Bringing more bonds and stocks like the Jewish/
Come wit cha computer flow,
Iíll tell ya thatís too robotic yo/
I got the glow, shining sterling gold
Put cha FAME on hold like the TV show/
Iím ready to blow, bring back the old school
Reintroduce eím, show these crabs how to rhyme/
Even if its simplistic shit its still gotta be cleaver
Never redundant wit words sounding republican/