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"America wins no more wars, and if you sign on with her, you die with her," Minister Farrakhan warned. "No power has ever maintained power in injustice to the people."-- hon mins louis farrakhan

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Th Use and Abuse of Authoritye
By Ashahed M. Muhammad
FCN Contributing Writer
Updated Oct 9, 2007, 10:39 am


Righteous rulership established through proper use of knowledge and ethics

MOSQUE MARYAM (FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered instructions to those in positions of leadership and authority, as well as those who aspire to such positions in a message that was viewed via Internet video to over 120 cities across the nation from Mosque Maryam, the national headquarters of the Nation of Islam, on September 23, 2007.

Minister Farrakhan told the capacity crowd that there is an "extreme penalty" reserved for those who abuse authority and misuse those who have been placed under their charge, and while it is possible to escape judgment in dealing with man-made laws, it is not possible to escape God's judgment for violations of the higher laws that He has established through His prophets and messengers.

"It is the abuse of authority and power that has brought this world to the bar of judgment," said Minister Farrakhan. "You are not the author of your own life, so if God gives you authority over what you did not author, then you have to be careful how you handle something that you did not author, because The Author of creation knows how He wants His creatures treated, and it is on the basis of His own standard that men and women and nations and empires are judged."

Minister Farrakhan used the example of the misuse of America's legal system by those with wealth and privilege and others who may have even confessed to crimes, who escape punishment with the help of crafty lawyers who are skilled in language and legal loopholes. He also pointed out that God "exercises authority with beneficence and mercy," while many in authority are not equitable in their dealings and misuse the authority that they have been given.

"When Jesus said, 'God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, the same shall he or she also reap,' that means that there is a Higher Law operating in this universe. Even if you beat man's law, you will never escape the consequences of your actions, though you are clever with words; though you lie; though you scheme; though you manipulate circumstances to make wrong look right. There is a watcher," Minister Farrakhan said.

Moral correctness needed to properly execute authority

Using the scriptural reference found in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 1 the 26th verse, in which God says to Adam, 'Let Us Make Man in our image and after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and all of the earth,' Minister Farrakhan explained the concept of dominion.

"Dominion is supreme authority or control, so when God made man, He gave man supreme control over everything in it and on it, but when He gives you that type of authority and you have created nothing, then He is going to have to guide you over what He gave you authority over," he said. "With all authority comes responsibility and you have a responsibility to seek knowledge to exercise the authority that God is allowing you to have over what you are not the author of."

Minister Farrakhan said irresponsible decisions made by parents cause their offspring to pay the price, saying, "Our foolishness has passed a sentence of death to our children."

God is removing power from oppressors and tyrants

Minister Farrakhan said that God is removing power and authority from all unjust rulers, tyrants and oppressors wherever they may be found on the earth. "Madness starts from the irresponsible use and abuse of authority," he said.

"There's a whole system of abuse that starts with those who have deprived us of knowledge that would have allowed us to accept responsibility for and authority over ourselves, but they did not want us to have authority over ourselves, they wanted to be the master over our minds and our bodies.

"God is not ever pleased with a slave-master because he created all life to be free. God hates oppression and the oppressor, and it is only a matter of time when The God of Justice moves against The oppressor," said Minister Farrakhan.

As an example of desperate actions of those who, after becoming frustrated and feeling deprived of justice, respond in the only way they know how, Minister Farrakhan used the Palestinians efforts against the Israeli settlers and soldiers. "The Palestinians—that was their land. The Bible does say that the Children of Israel would return, but return under what conditions? Have they fulfilled the conditions for return?" he asked.

In the battle against Israeli soldiers with superior weaponry and firepower, some Palestinians have chosen to strap explosives to themselves in an effort to harm those representing the governmental authority that believe has deprived them of justice.

Minister Farrakhan then turned his attention to the Bush administration.

"George Bush thinks he has supreme authority and feels that he is god besides God. He lied to the American people and sent young boys and girls to Iraq and Afghanistan to die for oil. Did he abuse his authority? Does the justice department, from which we get no justice—have they abused their authority? The teachers who have failed to educate our children, have they abused their authority? What about the business man who establishes business, but to create a good bottom line, he lies? What about the liars and the cheats in business?"

Minister Farrakhan also referenced members of some street organizations, as well as many police officers in cities across America who have been come "cold and heartless" and often use lies to justify their brutality in operating outside of the established principles of justice.

In all cases, the audience agreed that their actions demonstrated arrogance and hubris.

Minister Farrakhan announced that the judgment of God is coming to those who have used manipulation and deception to maintain their wicked control.

"God intends to destroy the authority of this world and that is why Christ comes. He [Christ] does not come to sit with Bush, he comes to sit Bush down. But not only Bush, he comes to take authority and subdue everything and put everything underneath his power except The One that gives him the power to subdue all authority. And Christ, being made by God, will never abuse his authority because Christ is shaped and molded by God to reflect the Justice of God, the Mercy of God; the Healing Power of God and Self Sufficiency of God."

"America wins no more wars, and if you sign on with her, you die with her," Minister Farrakhan warned. "No power has ever maintained power in injustice to the people."

Those in attendance described the message as "inspirational" and "timely."

"His message was very timely, very much needed, very appropriate, and very profound. I enjoyed it immensely, it was a wonderful message," said long-time community activist Doris Lewis.

"I'm glad to see that the Minister is still strong and mighty. He is my leader, he is my inspiration and my guide and if I want to handle the authority in my family, I have to take that message to heart," said Chicago resident Ameer Salaam.

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