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King Zigzagzig Allah
08-02-2005, 03:30 AM
My Vision Unfolds When True Lies Is Told,
Gold Glows From Da Hole, Hex Those With Black Rose.
I See You On Da List, You Got Caught Up In Da Devil's Mist.
Now You Claim To Blame It On His Evil Tricks, Watch Me Gliss, Like Da Fist, Of Da Mantis. The Rythem Had Me Dancing Like Ray Manson,
Now Niggas Asking. Whats Da Killa Bee? Da Tracks Been Banging Every Since 93. So Where Da Fuck You Be? I Be On An Act. An Act Of A Rat Off Da Razor Sharp Tracks, And Its Like That. We Put Swords In Ya Back, Da Blood Ooz Down Like Heated Up Wax