View Full Version : part 2&3

horrorflick soulja
10-16-2007, 02:50 PM
Back on the mic
so put the game on hold
its time to unfold
these twisted thoughts that i've sold
only weak niggaz sell their souls
straight outa da womb my heart turned cold
I've tried to mold ya niggaz to think like me
sting ya worse than a killa bee
why bein' free ain't really free
to bad only the real can see
if ya down for what ya believe
die before ya fall ta ya knees

Forget da dead
they ain't goin' put a hole in ya head
so fucked up my own heart fled
rowin' on this river of red
unfortunetly you goin' against a throubred
keepin up with my studies so ya know im read
fill ya heart and mind with lead
but thats just a figure of speech
meanin the lead be the words i preech
heart and mind be the way i teach
da young to put away da guns
be able my brothers to see ya sons
hope ya had fun
stumblin ta the ground cuz i hit ya with a shotgun