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08-02-2005, 02:17 PM
The same hands that wrote this rhyme, could kill you instantly
Reflecting on this fact makes me see the world's cruelty
Every creature born possesses life-taking powers
Fitted for survival, earth is drenched from bloody showers.
Brothers fighting over argumental differences, trapped inside their images
Hopeless battling over superiority, making sure not to be the last one that finishes
Rather projecting inadequaties on people around
to maintain responsibilities covered in shrouds.
Cause systems guarded with life won't be abandoned
Spent so much time building the fort and keeping it defended
Allowing no strangers to enter the gate, it's forbidden
For they might see something in you that you've kept hidden
Afraid for it to be seen publically
As it holds up the fundaments of your trickery
Now if you understand the previously
and extent it to the globally, you'll see it reflects back the individuality
so that's what they ment by 'a better world starts with you'
You're gifted with the abilities to change the way people view
And these facts aren't new, they've been written down in every language
From sanskrit to german, and from dutch to hebrew.
So stop the projecting, and begin reflecting, seeing the thought that proceeded the worldy acting.
And when your message isn't accepted thankfully, stay strong, while knowing the state of the world changes gradually