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10-24-2007, 01:06 PM
Heres a lyric froma good mate of mine Pak Sharp;

Just close ur eyes boy now u can open
u just a pussy go and ask mrs Slocomb,
Ill see u in a pool of blood and u be floating ,
ya the lord has just spoken,#,
I suggest u sit back and face away tokin,
Morning uve broken
This warning in focus
And if ur style is soaking my *** wild is potent,
Open mind awoken,
Put ur brain in a giroscope and leave u smoking,
Lyrical divine report
With a miracle one line retort
My repartee is brutal sport,
Cripple u and bring u more
My nucleus is positve in thought,
Ive got no remorse,
a flow with force,
Back to basics it holy war,
and wer truly warped,
Of the chart as I plot my course,
Depart man u be a mortal
As I swing my sword,
Ur reward is a coup de grace
Open up the smack down on ur candy ass,
I be a rock I start at the top,
With a pool ball in my sock,
With my smalls im a boss,
Eradicate uve just fallen and stopped,
Im mauling u paks forcing open ur locks
talkin entering ur brain and taking snaps,
Plagurist no just eying cack,
Ur rhyme supplying slapped to the cheek mate ur acting daft,
Statement fake ur past the place wer u died and snAPPED
Ull find im just more sharp then that

feedback appreciated

11-27-2007, 02:34 PM
Bringing it back someone drop a comment please?!