View Full Version : i fuck bitches but make love to women

08-02-2005, 07:45 PM
i like the sensative type one who aint scared to express what she likes
on the positive hype and her attitude right, not a sporting lady or a bitch
who acts shady, the type of woman who respects herself but can get a
little crazy, i love making to love to a freshly fine dime look into her eyes
going steady while listening to slow rhymes do want to go fast because
the pussies so prime, kissing on her soft lips and caressing her perfect tits
i would never fall in love that's something i have to admit cause i also
can't go witout no freaky bitch the foreplaying hoe and knows how to suck
on a dick, riding and gliding working them thick ass hips, she holds an ice
cube while rubbin on the nuts she like it fast wit the penis reaching to her
guts, she don't waste my seeds know's i'm bout to but she still proceeds
fullfilling all her needs cause on the cum is how the bitch "bottle feeds"

hahahaha, i amaze myself

"looks left"

"then right"

runs for the door


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