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10-26-2007, 07:09 AM
There are certain topics it always seems that Iím assessing,
Control and separation are some themes that Iím addressing,
In the context of religion, in which pigeons are inducted,
Theyíre set free intermittently and return to be instructed,
Seeking comfort and guidance, they forgo independence,
And hiding doesnít change whatís inside in the end, hence,
They go through their lives suppressing natural desires,
They hide away doubts to try to stay out of the fires-
Of hell, which they tell you is the final destination,
Of those who chose to oppose God, and test his patience,
They say that God created us in his own image,
But itís us who have placed him in our own line of scrimmage,
Because we created him in the image of ourselves,
Just take a look at the faker books on our shelves,
Faker than fiction cause they take a depiction,
Which serves not as a breaker but a maker of friction,
Because they tell us whatís before us is unequivocally true,
And any variation should be critically viewed,
The warped divine figures, with our traits created,
If human would be worthy of contempt, pity and hatred,
We took our own faults and flaws and made them Godís attributes,
Suggesting our family tree had been spoiled way back at the roots,
Angry and vengeful, jealous and demanding,
Judgemental and intolerant and rarely understanding,
He threatens you with punishment and harsh consequences,
If you donít show repentance for your sinful, wrong offences,
He requires that we worship him and flatter him with purity,
As if he needed somebody to calm his insecurities,
Thatís the God they gave you, and you swallowed it and still do,
And itís not too late to save you, but youíve gotta have the will to-
Admit that somethingís wrong, as this earthly war blazes,
Accept that your God is not worthy of your praises,
Why should an omnipotent figure require anything from us?
Itís one thing you know is suss, itís something you wonít discuss,
Just trust your religions which have failed us through the centuries,
I know itís hard to adjust but you must let go eventually,
Religion brings division, competition and control,
Now envision a decision for revision of our old-
Principals and practices, teachings and beliefs,
Abandon what has failed us and start preaching Ďbout the chief-
Flaws in understanding which impede world peace and unity,
But thatís not reality, never was and isnít soon to be,
Because you and me belong to an obdurate race of beings,
And thinking will always outweigh hearing and seeing,
We sleep in a prison but we keep tradition strong,
Weíd rather stay behind bars than admit that we were wrong,
And while opposing faiths try to claim their domination,
Within religions there are sects and denominations,
Each one claims superiority over all the others,
Blind to the fact theyíre as absurd as one another,
Why do we cater to this nature of separation,
When it breeds conflict and non-descript acts of trepidation?
And war and terrorism are the least of our concerns,
Because humanity will burn until everybody learns,
That no man on earth, from the past through to the present,
From preacher to prophet, from murderer to peasant,
Can assume to know any more than you about such things-
As God and the afterlife and what your death will bring,
The worst mistake humans made was to let it ring true,
That there exists a God who requires anything from you,
We live in unfounded guilt and fear, for acting out desires,
Feel inadequate Ďcause we canít obey the rules like God requires,
And this false sense of moralityís gone beyond religious culture,
It preys on the population like an insatiable vulture,
From the moment that youíre born they teach you Ďbout their right and wrong,
And thereís no way but to obey them so one day you might belong,
But right and wrong are concepts which are relative, so really,
Itís ideally up to you to define their meaning clearly,
Our whole moral system is derived from our religions,
It affects how governments and courts, even parents, make decisions,
And religions take morality so far beyond absurd,
They dictate how you ought to eat and dress and not say certain words,
Youíve got women who wear veils that cover every inch of flesh,
Some even hide their eyes behind a fine kind of mesh,
Pray to their God five times a day to satisfy his ego,
We see these practices enacted this often now that we show-
No appreciation for how ludicrous this is,
What kind of a messiah would require that we kiss his-
Arse repeatedly, and also ask that we agree-
To follow certain rules and carry out the tasks that he-
Sets as a test of our faith and dedication,
And these dangerous moral principals have even led our nations,
Why canít we see? our belief systems are the source of most our problems,
Why arenít we free? Ďcause these systems take our minds and rob them,
Of the freedom to operate independent of suggested-
Adoptive principals with which it constantly is tested,
If I could go back in time, hereís what Iíd do for closure,
Iíd cut off the hands of Moses before he can compose the-
Ten commandments, or any other of his quotes,
Then Iíd cut Muhammadís throat well before he ever wrote-
The quran, and darn I donít know about the bible,
Updated and revised so many times, donít know whoís liable,
King James, Constantine or Shakespeare, it doesnít matter,
Rival religions like to raise this point, itís all just pointless natter,
Because the history of the book really isnít all that relevant,
Letís talk of itís benevolence, even moreso itís malevolence,
Itís whatís in the book that matters, and not where it came from,
And the contents of these books have done more harm than an A-bomb,
But Christianityís the faith that really saves and frees us,
ĎCause we can do as we please and then put it all on Jesus,
And donít assume that Iím an atheist because of what Iím saying,
Atheismís like religion, just without worship and praying,
ĎCause it also makes assumptions about things that we canít know,
And pretends that things that are unknowable arenít so,
Just like religion, now please understand,
Spirituality and religion donít go hand in hand,
Religion is an industry, a system of control,
Spirituality is the bond between God and the soul,
The concept of God did not originate in scriptures,
They just abused it and distorted it and painted hateful pictures,
So if you wanna question God, donít ask the minister for help,
Just look into the mirror and ask him for yourself.

10-28-2007, 02:28 PM
epic, very dope.

"Religion Is An Industry"

10-30-2007, 01:31 AM
simply beautiful, wonderfully insightful. Big ups man

10-30-2007, 02:13 AM
Thanks for the comments. Glad you guys were interested enough to read the whole thing. Cheers.

Dr Sleepwalker
10-31-2007, 03:15 PM
lovvin' it man,.. read it twice, and than made my boy read it..


11-05-2007, 07:47 PM
Cheers Sleepwalker. It's rewarding to know that a few people are really feeling my message, especially to the point where they pass it on to someone else. Thanks for the reply.

11-05-2007, 11:37 PM
...first eight lines were/are fire... loved the intro... keep it regular..

11-21-2007, 03:13 AM
Cheers Martyr. I put more time into the first few lines than I did the rest. After a few bars I was like fuck it, I just wanna get this shit off my chest. I was just pouring out a whole lot of thoughts onto paper with this one. I could have, and would have liked to, go on for another 100 bars or so, but it would have made for an unlistenably boring track when I eventually record it.