View Full Version : Excuse Me Miss - feat Dr_Sleepwalker

10-28-2007, 12:54 PM
n.e.l in blue
dr_sleepwalker in orange

you cant hide the fact that yous a Get It Bitch
tryna break a mack you need to quit it bitch
you cant take no stacks from me forget it bitch
make your fuckin choice then learn to live wit it bitch
u aint gonna let me hit it miss, quit wastin my time
u aint about shit and u aint worth a place in my mind
playin like you fine as hell, but u aint worth this
all that lyin comin out your mouth aint servin no purpose

Snake eyed mistress, I take pride in her visits/
She rides with the biscuits, she'll lie for the digits/..
Alive for the gimmics,.. Trust is a luxury/
The lust is lovely, when we fuck, I bust so suddenly/..
Wouldn't hesitate to slap her skin loose/
I'll detonate, elevate my hand til her chin moves/
..Like Bonnie N Clyde,..accept we, Rodney and wine../
I'll use you, abuse you, til I dummy the line../

Puppet master, she pulls strings like her hands have to..
cant make me attack you, ill pull back before i have to slap you
here's the rap duke, she's equipped with' lipstick, she'll bite if you kiss lips/
but u cant clit whip this pimp shit, i stick with it til you lick this dick
Letme strip this bitch with her pirhanna money hungry sharks tooth..
we playalistic, cant quit this shit, aint no bitch that can make me start to
Whats the heart do, when I can't resist to hurt you?
ill earth you before i serve you, 6 feet of dirt in the turf boo
Who's it worth to?.. ta montreal where the curtains call..
to BK where them G's play, them skeezas aint gettin no leeway
From head on the freeway, til' she's in the sheets where freaks stay..
when we play, we wont pay, you gotta be a lame if you cant feel me
it's a shame if you can't hear me, it's a game, if you aint playin, you can't feel these..
real G's, and we aint playin, we might just make you feel these
Filthy bars for guilty hearts... in it for the finish, get it to the limit than pivet..
you think this just a gimmick, next thing you know you bringin me spinach

I love fuckin' her, it's fucked, I've had no luck trustin' her/
The lust is disgustin' her, the discussion is combustin' her/
With a evil smile I saw her habits../
With a fevers style I raw'd her savage../
I'm shallow enough to sink inside her, won't think to fight her/
Hold the syringe that finds her,.. hope this shit blinds her/
Was always told not to hit a girl,.. hit a women/
So if I hit you bitch, consider it somethin', I deliver the substance/

yous a bitch, im a fuckin dog, i cant give you shit but a sore cat
aint payin to fuck you weak bitch, i get money but i cant afford that
dreams of fuckin an R&B bitch just so i could record that
and sell the tape, aint gettin raped, im gettin dough from whippin hoes
go give em dome then bring it home, before i get the chrome and get you blown
if u aint with it then get you gone, if u fake with it, im gettin on
aint got time to spare grab you by your hair and stick this dick up in your lips miss
your shit get ripped but i wont tip bitch, better find ya lil ass a trick to get with

10-30-2007, 02:04 AM
Haha, nice jam homies. Could be an ill track in audio, especially the back and forth part.

Shrap, what does n.e.l stand for?

10-30-2007, 01:44 PM
fuck with me and find out

11-05-2007, 11:40 PM
text only, simple read...