View Full Version : Unilluminated Bee

Undead Ninja
08-02-2005, 10:55 PM
There was once a killer bee
had the ability to sting.
He set back waited for a
right time to deem.
The creator of all life
the problem was mathimatical
it didn't define wrong from right.
The sensation of juices on her lips.
The smell of dew on the epicarp.
The killer bee with no sting
Unillumined cuz like Machiavelli
they never understood the heiarchcal
He sat back congesting the world in his words
the adjectives and verbs.
The climatic portion of his life
he had to fight.
In the darkness he waited for his time
where he could truely shine.
A,B,C,D what the hell do you
know about the killer bee...who didn't show
The controversial opinion that they
coulden't see
Implicated to the Wu and
Bestowed to the Unilluminated Bee.

08-02-2005, 11:00 PM
honestly... if you got the money, i ghost-write...

08-02-2005, 11:02 PM