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Undead Ninja
08-02-2005, 11:26 PM
You can call me the Grim Reaper
or the next-gen kid
but it's still the Undead Ninja
who made you what you is!
on these streets, violatin your
curfew fuckin with the police.
I storm in the crows lyrical
sounds break it down.
Natural essence breaks
waves on confusion I
use them. Flow hittin hot charts
then abuse them.
Properity not found in the
human body I rock the
mic again elevated rhymes
hit the floor and start bounin
it's the ninja bitch nigga's
striaght up clowin.
It's the Steadfast Oracle
Yo it's the Steadfast Oracle
Yo shorty what you know about
the Steadfast Oracle?
I heard he talks with
a slur
all the rhymes he spits are
hotter than Orange COunty's
He spits wicked rhymes
in his sleep and to project
his sound he never had to wear
gold teeth.
G I heard he was a vicious
killer used mind tricks on
hustla's and dope dealers.
The fastest nigga on the
block when he walked he
floated when he stopped everybody
His flow was intellectual
rhymes he spit spoke of
times in the future
He held the mic in his hand
and it was his persuecutor.
He didn't care what the
other G's where thinkin
he spit when he spat
and made C.R.E.A.M. see.
It's the Steadfast Oracle
Forget everything you've been told
Now lets hear the truth from the
Steadfast Oracle!
Yo I spit the rhymes
make them fine off the word
Please circumspect my
bullet proff vest HEY!
I put funky sounds and
logical words on this
track how many nigga's
can do it like that?
The oracle prophesieing your
future smack you bitch in tha face
straight up abuse her
stick her in a crevasse in the
711 and send her ass to
heaven. no respect for a nigga
who don't protect his neck!
The Steadfast Oracle
makes you sweat!

Undead Ninja niggaz we don't stop! G we striaght hopin to yuor block see/ so if you feel me join the party! We'll kill any G not drinkin Bacardi 151! And that the Undead Ninja sprayin blood on your